Monday, 26 September 2016


Well for better or worse my wife's truck is in the shop. Yesterday when I checked the fluid levels once again I saw that the power steering fluid was down. I took the keys and hung them up and asked my wife to refrain from driving the beast. Then we went to town for a few things. 

Last night I could not get the sick truck issue out of my feeble little mind. Along with the truck issue it was windy last night. It was a cold howling sort of wind. The kind of cold wind that makes you glad to be inside. The kind of wind that make you hope the outside stays outside, that no trees fall on your roof trying to get in from the cold wind.

Seeing that sleep just wasn't a happening thing I finally crawled out and start getting things ready for the day. Cat fed, trash to the curb and coffee ready for my wife's return to the land of the conscious. 

While my wife was getting ready for the day I called the car fix it place. That's one of the nice things about being in a small town, when I spoke with the owner I didn't have to tell him who I was just what the issue is. My wife and I went into town and dropped off her truck. Hopefully it will not cost and arm, leg and a torso, most likely just and arm and a leg. Oh well, it's still a lot cheaper then buying a new truck. 

So now I sit at the personal confuser sipping my coffee and looking at the phone... waiting. 

Here are a few links for you. Some are political as always. 

Yesterday there was a ripple in the force. One of golf's greats passed on. Arnold Palmer, commander of Arnie's Army at age 87 has shuffled of this earth. I will only say one thing about him, he was an inspiration to me and a lot of others.

I know that it is a hard thing to do but sometimes there is a need for tough love. This time it's not against a child, it's being forced upon the country of Haiti.  

Here is a story that surprised me. I guess the media has more sway here than I thought.

have you ever wondered what keeps spies awake at night. Forget Edward Snowden, here's the real threat

Well that's about all I got for no. See you tomorrow, God willing and it the creek don't rise.


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