Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Venturing south to the land of disorder

Yesterday I went down to the big city, Toronto, to see an old friend for some lunch. The trip was a little surprising with the first surprise being the traffic. I had girded up my loins for the impending max max road war but it all came to nothing. Where I planned on two hours it only took an hour and a half which left me plenty of time to find parking. 

My first parking attempt was at a large mall called York Dale. I found a spot and had exited the grey monster when I noticed a parking enforcement guy stepping out of his truck, ticket book in hand. I stopped and looked at him, he stopped and looked at me... I turned around got in the grey beast smiled at the parking guy, who returned the smile, and I drove away.  

My next attempt at finding a parking spot proved to be more fruitful, I actually found a spot outside the deli where we were doing lunch. Once parked I did the only thing I could being as early as I was, I took a nap. My eyelids had barely closed when there was the touch of a hand on my shoulder.  Looking up there was a do-gooder of the female persuasion with concern stamped all over her face. I smiled and explained to her that I was a little early for a lunch meeting with a friend and was simply taking a nap. The  do-gooder of the female persuasion smiled at me, apologized for interrupting my nap and walked away. 

Lunch with my friend R was better sweet. The food at the deli was very good as I expected having eaten there before. The conversation with my friend was good, we regaled ourselves with tails of summer past. But, ah there it is that damned "but," we are getting a little older. R has ten years on my sixty two and like a majority of septuagenarians the warranty has expired. We see each other every few months so the gap in time makes the changes more evident. I'm sure he sees the changes in me as well and feels kinda the way I do. Oh well, as they say "life, no getting out of it alive." 

When we left the deli I dropped him off at the subway and I went to a hobby shop where I had learned the prices were real cheap. I was looking at getting a new kit to work on. Sadly the majority of the kits were already open thus the reason for the low prices. I learned years ago that an open box usually meant missing parts and major frustration later on. 

I took the back roads home seeing there was no real rush. With the windows down and the music turned up I enjoyed the drive. Aside from being cut off twice and getting stuck behind a big truck doing twenty kilometers per hour under the posted speed limit, there was no real issues going home. All in all it was a good day. As I drove along in the sunshine with the wind whistling through the stubbly remains of my hair listening to seventies music, I couldn't help but remember something Carl Segan once said... "And then there will be one last perfect day." 

Here are some links for you. Please remember some of these may be political in nature, so be warned. 

 This is a tragic tail of death by stupidity. A Florida guy says "I wonder if this bullet proof vest still works?" So his cousin says "Hey let's find out!" Yes friends Florida still reigns supreme in  the stupid category. 

Looking at the news last night I noticed a rash of cop screw up stories. I can understand street cops getting busted  but when it comes to the military police I have to think, what the fu*k?

Now the story comes out... First he was having an affair with one of his "young enough to be his daughter" staffers. Then he took up with the mother of his staffer and decided to dump the kid, that's when things took a turn for the worst. Personally I see a movie script in the making here. 

Now police want to use AI to predict when crime will happen so they can be proactive. Sure, what could go wrong with this idea?

Ah The Donald, it looks like Mr Trump is giving Mrs. Clinton a run for her money. I'm starting to suspect Mrs. Clinton's obfuscation is catching up with her. While Mrs. Clinton can't fool all the people all the time she needs to start fooling a majority of the people most of the time.  

Speaking of not being able to fool all the people all the time, looks like little Leonardo DiCaprio has been caught out. Note to Leo... People aren't as dumb as you think they are. 

That all for today from up here North of Disorder.

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