Monday, 12 September 2016

The one that got away

I know the blog's a littler late... Told ya yesterday it would be. Well we're home again. The cat was grateful for our return Because she knows that tonight at bed time I will give her some Danegeld in the form of treats. 

The day away was good if uneventful. last night's dinner was very yummy with a good wine to wash it down. In the evening there were card games and DVD's to keep all entertained. Another friend dropped by and we did some catching up. Yes it was a good evening. 
The morning view while having some java on the deck.

This morning after coffee and some breakfast my brother-in-law took me out on his bass boat. A couple of days ago the temperatures were in the mid twenties. Today when we went out to the boat it was eighteen degrees Celsius with a two degree wind chill, what the hell?  There were a few near misses on my part including a good sized pike I didn't manage to reel anything in. The pike was witnessed, by the way. My lure got a little tangled up with the pike close behind. When the lure was almost at the surface you could see there was the pike hot on it's heels. dang, it looked to be a nice one but such is life. My brother-in-law reeled in a very nice small mouth bass which he let go after taking the thing off the hook.

Knowing the traffic issues on a Sunday we left early, with the car all packed up by two this afternoon.  I know that it was good to get away for a night but it's just as good to be home again. 

Well that's about all from me for today from up here North of Disorder.

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