Friday, 23 September 2016

The object of the game

Yesterday was a good day with several items in the to-do list ticked off. Of course I wasted time before getting on top of things so just as I was walking out the door it started to rain. This necessitated a stop at the corner mom & pop for a bit of jawing and some coffee while the rain fell in sheets. In the end perseverance won the day and I got the running around that I needed to get done, done. 

In this, the twenty third day of September in the year two thousand and sixteen you would think the wizards at Apple would design a little longevity into their products. I see I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. My wife has an Ipad and once again we are faced with replacing the power cord AKA  lighting cable. Seriously, who calls a USB power cord a lighting cable? Oh, right... the bone heads at Apple do

Yesterday my wife mentioned to me there was a problem with the USB power cable. I took a look and sure enough the plastic casing was self destructing. So I attempted a quick fix which lasted about as long as you would think. This morning's second attempt was to cover the damaged area of the cable with some heat shrink tubing. That done I went on line and ordered a replacement cable from the good folks at Amazon. 

Normally I would have gone to an electronics store in town however the last cable we replaced cost an arm, leg and a hunk of torso. Well this time I looked on line for a replacement. With shipping included I ordered a lighting cable that is cloth wrapped not plastic which should last a little longer. The cost of the Apple lighting cable at the electronics store $24.95. The cost of a replacement from with shipping 11.99 and I don't even have to drive into town and waste gas. 

Don't get me wrong I am all for supporting local businesses, but... As I have said over the years to others, the object of the game is to shear the sheep, not skin them alive. Not only did I not shop locally, I bought a product with (I hope) a more extended life span at 50% of the cost of an apple product. Mind you part of this problem lies with Apple and their exclusivity. They work very diligently to make sure the only place one can get anything for apple is at apple. Kinda like the wall I have hit in the past trying to get parts for my Toyota. Oh well we shall over come, eventually. 

Here are your links for the day. Read responsibly.

You can call this ironic but when a Black Lives Matter leader asks for police protection, I call it karma biting him in the ass funny.

And yet another caltrop gets tossed under the wheels of the Clinton juggernaut.

Here is yet another example of Australia being a contemporary version of Harry Harrison's Death World.    

Ah the new enhancements to Canada's Pension Plan. On the down side, higher deductions from employees and companies. On the up side, whoa, looks like there isn't an up side.

I love those gun amnesties, you see some of the strangest things turned in.

Well that's all for now from me up here North of Disorder.  

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