Friday, 9 September 2016

The hay field, finally

Last night I called up an old friend with whom I had been derelict in my friend duties. My friend R is the one who gave me the new/old trailer which I have been working on, that is when the weather has been cooperating. After chatting with him for a couple of minutes we made a lunch appointment to catch up. I shall be breaking bread with him this Monday down I the big city. 

This morning with a bright beautiful sun shining it's wonderful rays into the bedroom, I awoke. By the way, waking up in the morning is a good thing. The alternative usually is that you are dead. Where was I... Oh ya, I checked the time and my first thought was oh crap it's late (10:37 AM) then I looked over at my wife and decided to say the heck with it and stay in bed a while longer.  

Look at the difference between cut and not
After breakfast lunch I went to work on the jungle formally known as lawn. 

I had promised myself several times this week to "get right on that" but being the lazy guy I am, there was always some handy excuse. For example yesterday I was going to cut the hay field lawn but I had to go get a tail light bulb (20 minutes) and install it (5 minutes) so cutting the hay field lawn was out of the question, I just had way too much to do. Well now I have actually completed the task of haying the field cutting the lawn it looks much better than it did. I know, first world problems. 

I'm looking forward to a little change of scenery this weekend. My wife and I have been invited to spend Saturday and Sunday at my sister-in-laws new/old cottage. I know, I'm trading in one country home for another country home. While I don't have a lazy flowing river out front and I don't have a boat at the dock, this place does and they do.  

Here are a few links that you can marvel at. Remember there is always the chance that there may be some political commentary involved. 

 It was fifty years ago last night that a new TV science fiction show made it's network debut. That show was Star trek and thanks to the visionaries who brought forth some very wild ideas we just may be going to the stars sooner than later. How cool is that?

One thing that is truly a pain in the butt while flying is the cell phone. Owners annoying those seated around them by playing movies and music loud without head phones. The risk of EM causing issues with the aircraft instruments and phones blowing up.

Poor old Obama. With the end of his term quickly coming so to the snubs, Not only from the political world but from the science world as well

The self appointed Islamist “morality" police are at it again. And I'm asked why I'm not really interested in visiting Europe these days. Well the real reason is the restrictions on taking photos not  the problems with their huge influx of Muslims.

Once again we find the truth in the statement you cant fix stupid. The person who thought of this and put it in action never heard that one should engage brain before putting mouth in action.  

One of the biggest banks in the not so United States just got it's collective knuckles smacked and a lot of employees and bosses have paid the price. With banks like this, storing cash in a mattress as an option is looking better and better.  

Next time you are in London riding the tube and feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up just remember this... 

You want to travel and put that art degree to work but you don't have a lot of cash. There is the option of getting passage on a freighter and seeing, painting the world that way. Hey, what could go wrong

I took one look at this and approached my wife with the idea that we should get one. I made the pitch, I talked the "needs" talk. I talked the "we deserve this" talk.  I talked my best and the answer was... no.

That's all I got from up here North of Disorder.


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