Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The call...

This morning I was woke up at the ungodly hour of eight forty five with the phone chirping away. Before my wife could cover the distance and grab the receiver downstairs (being an early riser she was up around eight), I had the phone to my ear. It was the call I was dreading from M the owner of the car fix it place.

M regaled me with a good news, bad news story. The bad news, there were issues getting the parts from Hyundai so the car would not be ready until tomorrow. Lucky for us I had decided to keep the grey monster so this really wasn't that big an issue. Then the other shoe dropped... The ball park price was going to be around $200 for the fix. The issue was a hose that had rotted out and needed to be replaced. Of course this type of hose "never rots out" so it was hard to get one.  While he wasn't too happy with the price I took it as good news. In my mind I had placed the parts and labour at $250 for a power steering pump (that's what I thought the issue was) and another $100 for the labour. Added to this would be the addition of 13% Danegeld to the province and the feds. The total I was thinking was going to be around $400 give or take. 

Once again I was delightfuly surprised. In the past when I would take the truck into the dealer (back when I had real income) where the bills were a little higher in quantity and the work a little low in quality. I dealt with the dealer because I was looking for potential resale value. One of my former coworkers, a friend who once worked at a dealer, told me all about and the games that dealers play. Now I just look for value in the work that gets done and these guys deliver in spades. 

On to the links portion of the broadcast... 

So did ya watch the debate last night? I'm going to admit right off that I didn't watch that particular dog and pony show. Looks like Mrs. Clinton did the pit bull thing and went right after The Donald. I'm not sure that her performance made that much of an impact on the voters though. I guess it all depends upon your political bent in the end. 

If I was an American this is how I would vote.

The CAW or UNIFOR or whatever they are calling themselves these days just won a deal with GM Canada, and good for them. The spin on the deal is aside from the raises GM is going to "very generously" spend $500 million for manufacturing upgrades. In reality it's the Ontario Government AKA Ontario tax payers that will be doing a lot of the spending.

There is always one who will try to cut a line up thinking nobody will do anything. Then there are those who are tired of those guys trying to cut a line up and will do something.

I wonder how long it will be until we are all stuck in our little boxes afraid to interact with each other for fear of offending the other person.

While I do think this is a tempest in a tea cup I also understand the reality of the situation. The big difference between this person and the run of the mill immigrant is that she can afford a lawyer if the government tries anything stupid.   

The next time someone offers you a chip think about your response, think about it very carefully.  

I think that's about enough from up here North of Disorder, don't you? Bye for now...

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