Monday, 5 September 2016

Take out the papers and the trash, or you don't get no spending cash...

Today is Monday. Not only is it Monday, it's labor day. Not only is it Labor Day Monday, it's trash day.

So this morning I hauled my lazy old carcass out of a nice warm bed at seven forty five to get the refuse to the curb as I have tried to do for years. I know you are asking yourself if this is such a big deal why not put the stuff out the night before? Well there are two answers to that question, they are the excuse and the real reason. The excuse is with the wild life in the area (bears, raccoons, coyotes and such) and their propensity to root around in the trash. I just don't want to spend my time picking up refuse after animals have been spreading it around the street, my driveway, the lawn etc. Now for the real reason, I'm a procrastinator and a lazy procrastinator at that.

OK so where was I? Oh ya... so I stumbled out of bed to get dressed and downstairs in plenty of time to get the trash out. Once I made it downstairs and was in the kitchen I grabbed some water and an apple to get the taste of ass yesterday out of my mouth. As I was slowly chewing the apple I heard that sound, the sound of the trash guy's truck. Normally these guys are like clock work. They pass the house between ten to nine and nine o'clock in the morning every Monday. Well not today, it's Labor Day Monday. Of course today being a holiday they would want an early start so they can finish early.

I quickly finished the water and apple, then made a mad dash out the back door to quickly repackage the trash. The bastards sanitary engineers will only take one bag even if there are two smaller ones that will fit into one bag. I have seen these guys pick out a small kitchen catcher size bag that would have fit into a larger half full green bag that was with it and leave the green bag there. 

Next it was get the stuff to the curb time. Of course in my haste I had neglected to put on footwear. So there I was trash can in one hand, green food waste bin it the other hobbling down the driveway barefoot just a cussing and swearing. Looking back I hope none of my neighbors saw this display, I must have looked ridiculous. Sitting here now with coffee in hand I can laugh at the sight I must have presented but then, oh boy I was not a happy camper. Next week I promise to do better I will endeavor to get the stuff to the curb the night before and animals rummaging and spreading the litter around be damned.  
Here are a few links. Some are political so be warned... 

Looks like Hermine the hurricane is being a little difficult. It has gone out to sea around two hundred miles and has swung back towards the  American mainland. Looks like the gang in New York are going to get smacked again. Of course seeing a little wave action caused by this is enough to bring out the asshats fools who have to be rescued.

If you look at the news today you may see that there is a credibility problem. As Edward R. Murrow foretold the news media have gone from being the ones to simply let you know what is going on to being entertainment and this is a problem. To make matters even worse the people at Wilfrid Laurier University’s journalism program, who train the up and coming news reporters, have teamed up with a group to further undermine the industry. Now more then ever every time you look at a news story think about one thing, who gains from the way this story is told.

Why? Because... Florida.

When I read this story earlier, coffee in hand, I couldn't help but think "Number three, we can do better."

Looks like the bloom is off the rose in Venezuela for the socialists and for Angela Merkel's  Christian Democratic Union party in Germany. Of the two countries for me the most disturbing is the developments in Germany. Not only do I have friends and family there, this is similar to what has gone on before in the late nineteen twenties and the nineteen thirties and we all know how well that turned out.

As a mild follower of the train wreak that is the United States presidential election, I have noted several things. It looks like "The Donald" is catching up with Mrs. Clinton. It looks like Mrs. Clinton is finally opening up to the people, letting them ask questions. Heck she'll even answer little kids questions... for two thousand and seven hundred bucks ($2700) a each. Meanwhile Libertarian Gary Johnson is soooo close yet so far...

Every year there is a gathering called Burning Man held in the American desert. It's  supposed to be a place with a utopian vision of peace and love. A place where people can gather, listen to some good music, smoke a little dope and have a little fun. Well this year that's changed. The rich and famous have started flocking in to bask in the fun and some people have taken exception to that.

Well that's all I got for now so until the morrow  I'm signing off from up here north of disorder.

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