Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sunny Saturday

It's a sunny Saturday morning afternoon as I write this. I would have been on and done this blog earlier however I became lost on the maze that is known as Twitter. I beg your forgiveness for my transgression into the twitter-verse. I guess that at heart I really am a twit.

With the gaggle of guests gone I find myself at loose ends. I know that when my wife reads this, the honey-do list will be expanded. Oh well that is a risk I shall have to take. Speaking of lists this afternoon I will be getting some yard work done. I haven't cut the weeds lawn in a while and the place is starting to look a little trailer park-ish. 

I was happy to find this morning one of the blogs that I follow is back on line. The Ultimate Answer to Kings blog is one that I like to follow on a regular basis. It's written by a guy who said enough and walked away. Walked away from a good paying job and all the things that go with it. Now he lives in a small home dubbed "the secret lair" out in the high desert and makes a few bucks being a handyman. The blog details all the little ups and downs of daily life as a hermit.

Yesterday I had the grey beast out for a few jaunts into town. The performance was fine as I thought it would be. You see I have been through this before. Where I used to work they were a bit on the frugal side. The vehicle used to patrol the interior grounds was a Ford Escape that had "issues." While Ford makes quality vehicles where I worked was the place vehicles went to die.

There was scarcely a day that went by without one or more of the dashboard warning lights being on. The standard procedure was to take the truck into the garage where one of the grease monkeys would do a hard reset (disconnect the battery for a short time) then we would be on patrol again. It got to the point where the guys wouldn't bother with the garage guys and simply drive the truck. So that's what I'm going to do with the grey beast, drive it till the sticker runs out or it dies. With my luck I'll be a hundred miles out in the black when the beast packs it in. Oh well, I guess I'll have to take my chances. 

Here are a few links for your enjoyment. Caution some are political in nature and may offend. You have been warned.

I came across this article yesterday and it explains a lot about the situation the not so United States of America is in. One of the things the article made me think about was the ratios between the number of government workers and manufacturing workers up here in Canada. I suspected that it was as bad or worse so I took a look. In Canada there are 3,631,837 who work for all levels of government. In the manufacturing sector there are a total (drum roll please) of 1,721,800 people who actually create products to sell. I've been told there is a ten year lag time between what goes on in the US and here. From what is going on down there I would say something wicked this way comes.

As election time nears in the not so United States of America more and more revelations are coming out about Mrs. Clinton from the FBI. One of the things I found interesting was reading about her "Oh crap" moment when the media found about her email server.

Have you ever gotten that feeling of being watched? More and more there is the possibility that you are being put under the microscope. All it costs for somebody to do this is a few bucks. 

Was that just me or was it really something that whizzed by very close, very fast? Remember one thing, our society is complected with intricate levels of supply and demand which relies heavily on Just In Time delivery. It really wouldn't take a lot to make our little house of cards come tumbling down.

Here for you, good people, from our (soon to be) AI overlords is the first movie trailer created by and Artificial Intelligence...

Last, but never least, for those of you who enjoy mixed martial arts ( MMA) I bring to you MMA with a difference.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's fight night where the knights fight.

Well I have been lollygagging way to much today and I have to peck away at the honey-do list. By for now from up here North of Disorder. 

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