Saturday, 24 September 2016


It's Saturday, I'm sitting here at my personal confuser wondering what scribbles to put down for the fool's journal that I keep. Outside it's a wonderful fall kinda day and after this entry is done, I'm planning on getting out there to enjoy it. After all one never knows when it will be that last perfect day.

The choices are limited since I don't really want to go and blow money and there are things to get done (damn honey-do list) around here. So I will probably get the lawn, with the grass growing like crazy, cut then go for a walk. Today I'm mot going to work out because it's the weekend and these two days are ones where I let my tired old broken down body recover from the abuses of the week. 

So without any further delay here are a few links for you. Looking at the list for today here is a spoiler alert, most are political. 

Canada is looking at new fighter jets and the big boys are pushing for the F-35, aside from the fact it can be detected with infrared it's pretty much invisible to radar... wait what?  Well at least it's running like a charm except for the occasional fire... Fire? Just think the proposal is to buy 65 of these at a cost of 29 billion over the life of the project. 

Looks like Sweden has become so violent that some of the massive influx of refugees want to return to their war torn countries because those countries are safer

You knew that it was bound to happen with all the Pokemon Go creatures on the loose that one of those creatures would commit rape. This Pokemon Go creature needs to be caught and brought to justice. 

Here is another move that HP has done to really annoy buyers of their printers. This can't help being anything but good for business, not. 

One thing that people who oppose carrying guns for protection forget, in any confrontation between an armed assailant and someone who is unarmed those who are unarmed get killed with monotonous regularity

Looking South at those two who are running for the top job in the not so United States, if these are the best the Americans can come up with for leaders we're all doomed. In the one corner wearing the black trunks is The Donald with all his issues about lies and misinformation. Then in the other corner wearing the red trunks is Mrs. Clinton who is covered with the blood of thousands because of her actions as the Secretary of State. Did I mention the thought that we are all doomed?

I drive a nice 8 year old Toyota with a big dent in the driver's side rear door. Several times I've wondered if it was worth fixing. Well here's a guy who had the same problem and made it work

I had to read this story twice. Canadians at odds with their Liberal government? Say it ain't so. 

Last, but never least, it looks like the Pope is catching on to how the media operates. Took him ling enough. 

Well that's it for me. Coffee's all gone so it's time to make myself presentable and get some work done. Bye for now from up here North of Disorder.

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