Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Random thoughts

Just got back from the little town where my wife's truck was in the truck hospital. Her truck is all better now and a small world is off my shoulders. I thought the bill for the work was going to be an arm, leg and a torso and it ended up being just an arm and a leg. 

After the truck was picked up we went out for a little lunch at an old fifties style diner. Every time I walk into that place it's like going through a portal and ending up a long time ago. After lunch my wife and I parted ways and I visited the druggist to, wait for it, get some drugs. Ah better living via better chemistry. Then it was time to head for the barn. The day was all bright, sunny and warm so I chose to go home the long way. I figured the rain/snow/ice would be upon us soon enough so why not take the opportunity to enjoy day.  

Now that I'm here at the personal confuser and thinking ahead this afternoon I'm going to get some work on the new/old trailer done. All I'm going to do is remove the side walls and with the sawzall that shouldn't be too big of a chore. Mind you having written it and knowing the fates have a wild sense of humour who the heck knows how much trouble this is going to be. 

Here is the links portion of the blog for you to enjoy responsibly. 

Whenever I see things like this story I wonder what it is that these guys know that I don't. Maybe it's all the clowns that are out there lurking in the woods...

Leave it to the Germans to come up with a reasonable explanation for The Donald's rise to prominence.  

One of the things that worry me is the state of the economy and when I see thing like this, my state of mind isn't helped.  The biggest issue here is people forgetting what the four types of currency are. Gold is the currency of kings. Silver is the currency of gentlemen. Barter is the currency of peasants. Debt is the currency of slaves and by the looks of things there are a lot of slaves in Canada.  

I see that the rural folks out west are coming to the conclusion that they are on their own when the police are needed. It's all well and good for city dwellers to want guns taken away but when the police are a half hour away and something happens it's serious. Police not wanting people to protect themselves plays into the criminal's hands. Without adequate police response, if people are not permitted to protect themselves we have a situation where it's the bully/thief/robber who holds all the cards.

Finally after three years of regulatory wrangling the federal and BC provincial governments have given the official okay for Petronas to proceed with their $27 billion LNG project. Now if it were not for the 190 stipulations attached to the environmental approval and price for LNG that has tanked this would be a good thing.  Now is decision time with the issue being whether to move forward with the project or not. Personally I suspect the decision will fall in the not category.

With the amount of people I have known over the years who are police officers this is not that surprising.

Every now and again I see a story about politics that makes me smile. This is one of those stories

Here's a nice story about a dog that managed to cover a lot of miles to get home and made it, and here is another story about a dog that gave it a good try. If it hadn't have been for the CCTV/motion sensors and alarm system...  Well at least he's going to a good home.

On that happy note I leave you for the day. Until tomorrow that's it from me up here north of disorder.

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