Friday, 16 September 2016


Well done? Sure, no problem
Being the kind of guy I am (OK wipe that smirk off you face and hold on to see where I'm going with this) last night I happily complied with my wife's request to make dinner. Yesterday we went sustenance shopping so the pantry wasn't as bare as it normally is. One of the things we picked up was some freshly made burgers so I tossed them on the grill. My lovely wive only had one request, cook 'em well done. Being the kind of guy I am I was only too happy to oblige. 

This morning I was up early. I had to get my wife on the road (page 2, para 4, duties of husband: serve as alarm clock) for an early appointment. I was awake before my alarm because some bone head in a big diesel powered truck arrived on the street outside my house and parked there. The idling engine sound was loud enough to wake the dead. This idiot was there, truck idling, for almost an hour. Sadly aside from the fact people would talk, the driver looked to be a lot younger and more fit than me so I was deterred from going down there and having a stern word with him.

After having some coffee and a little breakfast I did some work on the new/old trailer. I removed some of the walls to shorten the box. Of course the issue of non conformity of the screws/bolts/nuts came into play. 

This time out came the sawzall with new blades. After a short length of time the bits of wall I wanted gone were gone. Later today, or maybe Monday (the weather is supposed to be crappy tomorrow) I will make up a lumber/parts list and head head into town and pickup what I need. On Monday I will start the work on the box portion of the trailer. It may not look like much but when you have all the time you want to do something you can take it slow. Yep things are finally progressing.God willing and if the creek don't rise I should have this done by the end of next week.

Well that's about all I got for now from up here North of Disorder.


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