Thursday, 29 September 2016

Progress, well a little anyway

Last night was one of those where the old brain with it's two rapid firing neurons would not shut down and let me sleep. I finally faded to black around two in the morning. The end result was my rolling out at ten this wonderful overcast, calling for rain morning.  It's not like I had anything planned... Oh hang on, I was going to head out for some range time bu now with this late start and the impending rain that ain't happening. Well I'm at the very least going to head in to the small town and pick up my medications. Gotta keep the citizens safe from this mad man you know. Relax, just kidding... the meds are for my heart.  

Well at least yesterday wasn't a complete write off. I did get some work on the new/old trailer done. This time I got smart, when I took the wood off the red scourge I used the sawzall. As for the bolts/screws/nuts that would not budge I used the sawzall on them too. After the rain ends this afternoon or tomorrow (he I'm retired, no rush) I will get some sanding and prep work done. Next week I will go get some 1/4 inch plywood and 1x3 and start on the construction part of the project. I suspect that in the end this trailer will be a heck of a lot lighter with the 1/4 inch plywood that the 1 inch stuff the original builder used.  

While the new/old trailer project may seem like a major undertaking for me, it's really not. I could have finished it weeks ago but why? This gives me something to putter away at when I'm looking for a project and there is just enough challenge involved to make it interesting. 

So here are some links to enjoy. 

Let me get this straight, the folks who run this loony bin we live in are totally against citizens who want to be able to protect themselves. meanwhile there are guys like this o the streets. Don't they realise their stance against self protection only enables the wolves who attack the sheep?

Well at least there is a little good news on the American election front... Now if people only pay attention to this. 

Having used contractors in the past and in once case even fired a guy I can see how somebody would get upset, but this

First is was Samsung phones that went boom up real good and now its washing machines?

I was looking forward to pumpkin pie in a few weeks for Canadian thanksgiving. Then I read this and got all depressed. Well at least for now I can go grill a burger on the BBQ. I just don't know how much longer I will be able to do that. It's all good though, at least there will always be a nice cold coke to wash it down with.

I saw this and being a guy who likes whiskey, the first thought that came to mind was why bother. This is a product, like decaf coffee that  I will never ever have in my home.

I saw this article about police complaints and  the wearing of body cameras and wasn't surprised. What did surprise me was there are still hold outs against police using body cameras.

Why? Once again because they are Liberals...

A quick check has reviled that the links bag is empty so that's it for me today from up here North of Disorder.

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