Sunday, 18 September 2016

Make or mend day

Today is one of those slow ones where I tend to get caught up with little projects around the house. The weather outside is overcast and if there were a deity in control I would say he/she isn't sure if it should rain or not. I was going to mow de lawn but I'm not a fan of driving around on my lawn tractor in the rain. Sorry to disappoint you, I'm just not that hard core anymore. That's one of the nice things about being retired, there's always tomorrow. 

Beans go in
Select what you want
One of the jobs I have been putting off because it is a pain in the derrière is the cleaning of the coffee maker. 

Let me explain... 

One of the very few luxuries that my dear wife and share is the love of good coffee. To that end we have a super duper golly gee whiz bang coffee maker. This puppy does just about everything a person would want short of bringing coffee to you in bed and drinking it for you. The beans are loaded into a hopper. You set the number of cups or, if you want a single cup set it for that. With the single cup setting you can even select how big a cup you want. In addition to the other settings you can also select how strong the coffee should be. It can be as weak as a kitten up to strong enough to peel paint, it's all your choice. 

Field stripped
Sadly there comes a time when the unit has to be detail stripped and cleaned. I noticed over the last few days the grinding wasn't as effective as it once was. This is usually a good indicator that the grinder is getting clogged. Like a detailed cleaning of a firearm a detailed cleaning usually takes around a half hour. While I may bitch and moan about the tediousness of the work the end result is well worth it. One of these days it will fail just like any other coffee maker and for me that will be a sad day. We acquired the unit via points on our charge card back in the days when we were still employed and making real coin. Today while the cash is there, we are much more frugal than we used to be. When the unit finally dies and goes to coffee maker heaven, we will be in a state of mourning until we can figure out a strategy to make coffee as good. 

Well it looks like it ain't going to rain after all and I have a lawn with grass sooooo tall you could hide in it, I'm going to go a lop it down. Until tomorrow that's all I got from up here north of disorder. 

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