Thursday, 8 September 2016

Little things that grind my gears

Yesterday afternoon I took a jaunt into the little city that is too close to where I live. The goal of this quest was to acquire some extra strength vinegar and a tail light bulb for my wife's truck. I went first to see about getting the bulb, a simple matter since this bulb (#1157) is one of the most common bulbs in the automotive industry.  After staring at the display of  automotive light bulbs for an eternity (ten minutes more or less), I did the un-guy thing and hailed down a one of the few and far between sales people. 

After he takes a thirty second glance at the large rack of bulbs he looks at me an says "sorry we are all out of stock" and he starts to walk away to pick up where he had left off on his appointed rounds. Before he could vanish I called to him and asked how he knew it was out of stock. He stopped, turned towards the display and pointed to a vacant hole where stock should be. But, I said, there are little paper hangings in other empty holes saying there is no stock. His reply was that they must have just run out. 

Fair enough... run out of one of the most common bulbs in the automotive industry, sure.

Since I was a little annoyed, I figured what the heck and asked him about the numerical sequence of the display. He explained, as anybody would to a little child, that the bulbs were in various groups. Some bulbs were for turn signals, others as markers etc. That's when I became real angry and had to work to maintain an exterior calm. I asked, if they were in specific sections why the sections were not labelled. He replied that it was just the way things were set out. I smiled at the kid and, before turning away and leaving him said "not to worry there are other places to shop. have a nice life."  

I went to a few other places and got the other stuff I went in for and came home. Once I had resumed my post at the personal confuser I settled in and relaxed, swearing that come what may I would never darken the doorstep of that store again. 

This morning I went into town again to another place that specialises in auto parts as opposed to being a general hardware store. I asked the guy at the counter about the bulb only to be told that yes they had the bulb in stock but it was around forty percent cheaper. Of course I bought  a pair because I know how things work. The car Gods will hold off a week then kill the light on the other side of the car. 

And now I sit and wait for my wife. It's her truck and she is out and about with it. When she returns to the roost I'll replace the bulb. 

Now here for your enjoyment are a few links. Remember some will be political in nature so read responsibly. 

Do you believe in karma? You know, what goes around comes around? Well here are a few great example of karma being a bitch. The first tail of karma is one of revenge. This second tail is one where karma bites the guy in the butt for being stupid. This third tail of karma deals with being hit in the pocket book. Oh, almost forgot, here is the fourth tail of karma. This one is for being stupid in front of a camera

Recently there has been a spat of oops regarding aircraft landing at the wrong airports. Not to be out done this guy managed to land in the wrong country

Seeing this doesn't surprise me, I just wonder how many more like this guy are out there. Who do you trust, who do you serve

I bet you didn't know that we are at war did you? The battlefield is the Internet and the spoils of this war are the very freedom enjoyed on the net by all. 

Here is the last link today and something to think about. Time has never existed as we think it does. Go ahead and try to wrap your head around that little pearl. 

That's about all for today from up here North of Disorder.

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