Friday, 30 September 2016

Links Day

Today started late as it normally does. After breakfast and coffee I sat down at the personal confuser and started looking around. The news I'm seeing these days is a little on the depressing side and after reading a few of the stories I stopped looking. Once again the media is starting to get a grip on my soul. 

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Living Freedom
Being subjected to that disaster of an election south of the boarder, I think what ever the result the world is in for a very rough ride. Heck even the UN is calling for "someone to end Trump" whatever that means. Well at least I'm not the only one who is afraid. On the plus side looks like Johnson is getting an endorsement. Will this endorsement be too little, too late, probably.

Across the pond Russia is moving missiles around like chess pieces in a effort to make a point that they are still a big player. India and Pakistan are slowly moving towards armed conflict. In Germany Deutsche Bank looks like it's experiencing a possible bank run

Here at home a little common sense actually prevailed. An illegal immigrant was hit by a car an tried to get compensation from the government. The judge said... no. This will probably send the do-gooder take a punk out to lunch, bunch into seizures. 

Then there is the assault on free speech not by government but by offended groups. This makes me think about what I blog about. If I get too political then what? Heck it's getting so a guy can't even take a picture without putting his life at risk.

OK it's time to step back from the abyss. here is something that just might cheer you up, a possible life extension in the form of nanobots. Just think being able to eat/drink/smoke anything you want and be constantly repaired on the inside. I just hope this arrives sooner rather than later. 

One of the places on my bucket list is Iceland. The rugged beauty of the place simply calls to me. Then there's also the fact that when a government is cool enough to turns off the lights so citizens can watch an aurora, it just may be a cool place to live too. 

And last but never least it looks like the Romans may have traveled farther than was thought. 

Well that's the end of today's blog post from up here North of Disorder.


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