Saturday, 17 September 2016

Links day...

Yesterday I went to take my wife's truck into town so I could get some stamps and mail a letter. I got into the truck, started the internal combustion engine and started to back the beast out of it's parking spot. That's when the beast "spoke" to me. I shut the beast down and popped the hood for a look. That's when I discovered the power steering fluid reservoir was low, about an inch low. Turns out that inanimate objects can communicate after all. Lucky for us we have the grey beast as a back up. So into town I went in the grey beast, got the stamps, mailed the letter and picked up some power steering fluid.  After returning home I topped up the fluid but the pump is still talking, not as loud but...

Now starts the waiting game. In the near future at the most inopportune time that pump is going to go. The big question is how long to hold off before getting it replaced or do we just ride on a wing and a prayer? The game plan was to start seriously looking at replacing the two vehicles with one new or newer one in the spring/summer of two thousand and seventeen.

That brings us up to today. It's overcast, raining, damp and miserable outside. There is nothing pressing going on so I'm staying inside today where it's warm and dry. So here are a few links for you to mull over. Politics will be involved so be advised. 

This first link I post as a public service. If you have a Galaxy note 7 that hasn't blown up real good here's what you can do.

Not that I'm looking for another reason not to visit the (not so) United States of America, here is a  another reason. Please don't get me wrong these are wonderful people, I just don't trust their judgement when deadly force is involved and there is no requirement for training to exercise that force safely.

It's a good thing that NASA finds planets that are possibly habitable. Sooner or later because of things like this we, as a species, are going to have to leave the nest in order to survive. 

Earlier I read this and three words came to mind: human growth hormone

It's starting to look like the folks who support Mrs. Clinton are starting to get desperate. It's OK, the Clinton Foundation has a lot of bucks squirrelled away.

Meanwhile over at the Donald"s camp he has been playing the media for chumps and the media ain't too happy about it. The Donald's answer to Mrs. Clinton's call to disarm the population is, as you would expect, rather controversial

Looks like some Black Cops think not only do Black Lives Matter, cop's lives matter too. Oh well looks like this is a discussion for the courts to decide.

I have always been of the opinion in politics there are no friends just interests and here is a good example of this. Turns out all the birther hoopla that was raised to depose Obama back in 2008 was started and fostered by Mrs. Clinton.

Remember way back when you were in school and had to take math and wondered if there would ever be a need for this skill? Well here's your answer

I know the odds are slim but in case you ever wondered why I call Vancouver granola country (the land of fruits, nuts and flakes), wonder no more

I can't help but think the world is a little bit more scary than it was before I saw this.

Kinda make a guy wonder how many bad guys are now in country. On the plus side the odds are still low  on being involved in a terrorist dust up.

So it looks like the gang at Marvel were just a little ahead of their time.

Sadly it appears household debt wise my wife and I are in the minority. The only debt we have is on our visa and that's paid off in it's entirety ever month. Oh there is also our part of the provincial and federal debt, but I really don't count that.

Personally I'm a single malt kinda guy but as a public service I offer you this tidbit

And with that last entry I go away now. That's it from up here North of Disorder.

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