Sunday, 4 September 2016

Links day

It's just a lazy near the end of summer kind of day today. Not to much on the go and thus not very much to write about or as another blogger would put it, "I got nothing." Well I just can't leave it at that so here are a few links, with commentary of course, just for you 

There you are in downtown fill in the blank and there's a meeting you have to be at and are about to be late for because the traffic is terrible. Why oh why does it have to be this bad? Why doesn't the city do something about the horrible traffic mess? Well the truth is out, the reason for the horrible traffic is you and it ain't going to get any better until driverless cars are on the scene so stop whining.

Like we don't have enough already, here is another thing to be concerned about. It has come to light that when you are travelling and decide to rent a car, if you are silly enough to link your smart phone to the car you run a serious risk of opening that phone to hacking. Do you want strangers to know where you live, who you know, etc.? So before you do bluetooth think about what you have on that phone what you would not want in the public domain.

There are a lot of laws out there. Some are codified like the criminal code for example. Some laws are physical like the speed of light and then there is... The law of unintended consequences which just smacked this county in the chops. 

Until I hung up the spurs a while ago I worked in security. To this very day i still keep tabs on what is going down in the field because it was a big part of my life and I'm a tin foil hat wearing paranoid still mildly interested in developments. With the advance of technology sooner rather than later a lot of the youngsters I worked with will be out of a job. Oh, and that includes parking enforcement as well.  This is what is going to put them out of work.

Another criminal mastermind gets caught because of the valiant efforts of law enforcement. The felon's use of his wanted poster with his mug shot as his Facebook profile picture may also have had something to do with his capture.

Here is one enterprising police officer who knew how to use the time off he gets while on coffee break. 

Back in the good old days before Google Earth was king of the hill there was Hexagon run by the US National Reconnaissance Office. Now look back at the times you sunbathed in the buff and wonder if there were photos and who has them.

For the past few weeks a neighbour has been working in his back yard building... something. Your interest is up but you don't want to run the risk of getting caught peeking over the eight foot fence, oh what to do, what to do? Well you don't need Google Earth or the NRO, there's a app for that.  

Here is a guy who is going to find out what happens if you piss off the people who are tasked with protecting your event. As I have seen first hand, things can get very ugly very fast. 

One of the thing that I used to go and see was the Toronto International Air Show. Every year for as long as I remember it has gone on during the labor day weekend along the Toronto water front. Well of course there is a bunch of political correct do-gooders who think it is time to end this tradition. The airshow with the loud low flying aircraft  may disturb people from countries involved in war.

And with that last link it is time for me to finish my cup of java and rejoin the real world. Until the next time that's it from up here North of Disorder. 

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