Saturday, 10 September 2016

Just a travelling man

Up late after a restless night, today is a traveling day. This afternoon we will be off to the Sister-in-law's new/old cottage. The plan is to bring up some stuff that they can use like extinguishers, magazines, dinner fixings and the like. I'm looking forward to this, the location is very nice and it will be a good place to relax. I'm hoping for a little time to catch up on the novel I'm reading, aside from that I'm planning on simply going with the flow. 

The nice thing about this cottage is the location. It's up on a slope above a lazy flowing river so the views are spectacular. The drive into town is only 10 minutes so if anything is forgotten a replacement is only a short car ride away. It's very close to a highway yet unless you knew this place was here you would never find it. The cottage is a magical combination of easy access and hidden from the world charm.

Needless to say the blog may be published later tomorrow, and I do mean late in the day tomorrow. I'm not sure about the internet connectivity up there so I may have to hold off until I get home tomorrow night to reminisce about my adventures. Mind you if they have internet of course I will detail my current adventure. Same bat time, same bat channel.

So with all this said you can cue the road trip music. After the blog is on the news stand it will be time to saddle up and hit the road. Only one thing still rests way back in the dark recesses of my tiny little brain, what are we going to forget?

Here are a few links for you. Remember to exercise caution when reading some commentary and links may be political. 

It has been said with just a simple haircut there can be a whole new you. Personally all kidding aside to let a dog get like this is reprehensible. The before and after pics are amazing.

The intention is good but the chance of this actually working, not so much. The biggest hurdle that will have to be jumped is the alcohol factor.

Here is a link that will make you go awwwww, that is unless you have no heart. Who knew Howard Stern could be a nice guy. 

Given the way Americans and Obama treated Keystone I say screw 'em every legal way possible. it's OK, I'm not bitter. 

The morning after... Ahhh... the fun of being woke up while still in your car still drunk and wearing woman's clothing. And just to add a smile, of course your car is located in the parking lot of a jail when the police tap the window to get you awake. One question is this person looking to build up a war chest of stories or simply stupid? 

Only a fine? Somebody needs a little time out in a jail cell given the resulting loss of life.

That would be all for now from up here North of Disorder.

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