Sunday, 25 September 2016

It's the little things...

So far today has been rather uneventful. My wife and I made a trip into town a little while ago to pick up a few things and now my wife has settled in for the duration of the day. We had to use the grey beast since her truck is bleeding power steering fluid. Note to self, call repair shop in the morning.

As for me the thing that was first up this afternoon was dealing with the meat we purchased after we got home. I have just finished repacking and storing it in the freezer. Now that the meat thing is over with there is some outside stuff that calls to me. Well kinda murmurs in my ear in a very low volume that's easily ignored.

Ah decisions, decisions... Once this blog is out I'm not sure what shall be the focus of my outside attention. The two candidates are the new/old trailer or repairing a stock from an old Winchester 94 Trapper. The issue with the trapper is one of two parts, my ham handedness and gravity. I dropped the darn thing and cracked the stock a while ago and I've been putting off repairing/replacing it. To replace the stock it would cost a hundred plus and the time to stain the new wood. To fix it is the cost of some epoxy and the time to sand and stain the wood. The epoxy is a heck of a lot cheaper so that's the way I'm going. I just haven't gotten around to it. 

The other candidate is the new/old trailer. I have to take the rest of the side wood off. The original plan was to add plywood to the walls that are already there. After engaging the two or three still working neurons in that grey fog called a brain, I came to the conclusion that the extra weight could be avoided. The new and revised game plan is to keep  the metal uprights that are already welded to the base and connect the plywood to them. 

I see time's a wasting so here are a few links for you. 

A lot of folks are not happy with the latest edition of the iPhone. They are annoyed that folks at Apple didn't include a ear bud jack. So somebody came up with this workaround that a lot of iPhone owners have tried. FYI it doesn't work.

I saw that and wondered is this the shape of things to come? Will we be at war with the robots sooner rather than later? Is it robot game on time?

Looks like we have a police officer with Munchhausen syndrome. Personally, I thought these people had to under go screening and testing. 

The other day I wrote about how the California government was a little bit silly with their war on cow flatulence.  Well it looks like Alaska doesn't want to be out done when it comes to silly laws

Speaking of cats... have you ever wondered how cats came to be in so many far flung parts of the world? Well you can thank the Vikings and other sea faring peoples for that

Oh Mrs. Clinton it may be time to stop mucking about and be a little more open and honest because the Donald looks to be leaving you in the dust. Just saying... 

Well at least the military like this guy over Trump and Clinton. Now if more Americans would get in the band wagon...

Stonehenge, meh that ain't got nothing on this place

Are you one of the Sad Sack types who, if it were not for bad luck, would have no luck at all? Well here is your answer to change things. 

Oh crap, I see by the clock on my personal confuser I have managed to, once again, let the day slip through my fingers. Oh well there is always tomorrow to get thing done. As for me that's all from up here North of Disorder. 

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