Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hey, what happend yesterday?

Yesterday started out as a normal average day around 8 AM. I said to my self, self you are getting into a rut, time to change things up. So as opposed to doing things the way I normally do, I got dressed, went down to the basement and worked out for around a half hour. Then it was breakfast and finally a shower. When all that was done, being the twit I am I went on twitter for a while. Other things got in he way (I started reading a new/old novel) and suddenly it was time for bed. It was only then that I came to the realisation that I had forgotten to blog about my meaningless life. 

Today started much the same as yesterday with the exception that I haven't forgotten the blog. My work out and breakfast done, here I sit tapping away at the personal confuser. After this is put to bed I'm planning on going out for a while. Not sure where exactly but I have to get out, I'm starting to get cabin fever. The only thing I am planning on doing is a visit to the local hobby shop where I'm going to buy a model. 

Well that about it for catching up so here are a few links and yes some are political. 

I will just put this out there... Christmas is coming and every year I get asked what I want and every year I tell people to use their imagination. Well this year I'm changing that. If you feel inclined to get me a gift this is what you can pick up for me. I promise to enjoy it responsibly. 

It looks like the start of the slippery slope for "Baby Doc" Trudeau, slowly the electorate are starting to turn on him. Is it any wonder that he needs this

It also doesn't look to good for the Canadian legal system. Is it any wonder that some people are taking Shakespeare's advice to heart?

I read this earlier and soooo very many puns came to mind. For example "this guy's job became a pain in the ass." or " I guess he just got a little behind in his work." OK enough, I can just see your eyes rolling. 

Have you ever thought about the way we are governed? One of the pillars that any government rests upon is they govern with the consent of the governed. When I see things like this and this I can't help but wonder if that consent is being partially revoked.

When you look at how little money Mrs. Clinton actually has it's not surprising to see her spend like this given what is happening.   

Why? because it was made in China.

Well at least some of the mystery has been solved. Now if they could only figure out where the rest of the billions to First Nations go that would be good. 

I leave you with one last story for you to read and to think about.

The folks at Microsoft recently announced the formation of a task force to cure cancer withing 10 years. The way it has been described the goal is to treat human cancers the same way one would treat a computer virus.

While this goal is a noble one I just wonder, if they are successful, how long it will be until they try the next step and attempt to pacify humanity? It would be for our own good of course.

Well that's all for me today from up here North of Disorder

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