Thursday, 15 September 2016

Brace yourself, winter is coming...

The days are getting shorter as the long nights of winter approach. Like somebody flipping a switch gone are the super hot, hazy and humid days of summer. In the morning the furnace has been coming one because the nights are getting cooler. The sun's rays have been reaching further into the house as the sun tracks lower and lower across the sky. I guess it time to start facing the fact we are on the slippery slope to winter. 

Yesterday I put a little work in on the new/old trailer. I'm not rushing things because I have the time to get it done right. Yesterday it took the better part of an hour to remove the front wall and the top lip. Once again I ran into the issue of the original builder using whatever nut/bolt/screw/nail combination that was at hand.

I'm planning on doing some more work on it this afternoon but first I have to go into town and pick up some sawzall blades that will cut wood and metal. I'm tired of fooling around and being genteel with this thing. I was going to salvage as much of the wood as I could but now I'm thinking to heck with it. I'm simply going to cut the metal and wood away from where I don't want it to be. 

The original idea came from this drawing
I finally have a handle on the way I want to have the project look upon completion. The game plan is for the box to be shortened to four feet. The last two feet will have a chuck box arrangement installed where I can keep my camp chef and other assorted cooking gear. 

The walls of the trailer at present are eighteen inches high. The trailer will have three feet high walls. The plan is to use half inch plywood on the inside of the walls that are already there and cut slots to fit the shelves. The top of the chuck box portion will have a lid made of quarter inch plywood. I'm going to leave the floor at the front of the trailer alone and use that area to store a spare tire and propane bottle and run a line back to the camp chef. It should be good when it's done

Here are some links for you. Today's links are mostly political so be warned and please read responsibly.

But he was such a good kid...  Good kids don't pull out fake badges and kick in doors while being armed and wearing a mask. When doing this sort of this one never knows if an armed home owner may just take exception to this behavior.

Kati Couric's new career isn't going so well. She did a documentary against gun ownership a while ago and did some rather creative editing. Now the people in the documentary are a little upset with her, the producers and the production company.

Just in case you were wondering, yes this is my favorite car.  If you have to ask why, I suspect you have no soul. In this cat it's not the destination that counts, it's the journey.

The next time you go camping one of the things you will need if you are going with a group is one of these just in case it rains. You could be one of the most popular persons on the trip. 

The CAW is in talks now with the big three and it ain't looking too good. Thanks Bob White... 

As I have said time and again to anyone with a computer, change your pass word. There are some like Colin Powell who don't bother and this is what they get.  Being the ever inquisitive guy I am, I just  had to read this. All I have to say isit's too bad that Mr. Powell chose not to run for the top job.

On the up side having the business empire he has shows The Donald can manage things. On the down side having a big international business empire it looks like The Donald may have some conflicts of interest and security issues to deal with.

While I'm not a big fan every now and again Kevin O'leary actually makes sense

Well it's time to get cracking, things to to and places to go and all that. That's all I have for you today from up here North of Disorder.

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