Thursday, 1 September 2016

And now we return to normal programming...

Yesterday the gaggle of guests left, returning  home to Germany. The house last night was a lot quieter than it has been for a few weeks. The pressure was off this morning to get up at "oh-my-God-it's-early" so I got some beauty sleep. By the way if you saw what I see every morning when I look in the mirror, you would understand the need for beauty sleep. I need all I can get. 

We were lucky yesterday when we went to the jetport with the gang. On the way back home after dropping the guests off we encountered the aftermath of an accident on the highway. We were in the north bound lanes while the accident was in the south bound lanes. The south bound lanes which we were driving on a half hour before. My wife and I are always the ones who are early for appointments especially if it's for something that's serious, we tend to plan for things to go wrong on the roads. From the looks of things we would have been caught up in this mess and totally screwed. 

Last night we had a nice dinner which we picked up on the way home from the jetport. After that I was real tired so I went up to bed figuring I would read for a bit then doze off. I went into the back room where the kids had been staying and picked up my tablet. Right besides the tablet were a pair of glasses belonging to one of the kids. So after this blog is published I'm off to get the glasses into the post and on the way to the kids in Europe. 

I missed putting some links on the blog yesterday so here are a few and I hope they make up for my oversight. 

This is one of those stories that make a guy wonder what the heck was going on in this chump's mind. Could it have been he thought this stuff was spray on talcum powder

Looks like the bloom is off the rose for Ms. Clinton. Could it be that some are catching on to her or maybe the Donald is cleaning up his act? Whatever the reason seeing the options I wish the American people good luck. 

I looked at this and my first thought was peddling this up hill must be a bitch but coming down a hill, wow what a rush. 

This is the way a democracy is supposed to work. Not with armed rebellion or military overthrow of the leadership but with the leader being removed from office by vote.   

I see the leaders are sitting a little straighter in North Korea these days... 

And on that last happy note to think about I bid you farewell from up here North of Disorder. 

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