Saturday, 13 August 2016

Yesterday's over my shoulder

Yesterday is dead and gone. It's time to stop looking over my shoulder. Time for the head to be up and eyes forward as I forge my way ahead. As birthdays go it was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Actually it wasn't that bad after all. On the good side my wife was nice enough to let me be moody and pout a little. After all these years she is well used to my antics and lets me run only so far. Then with a subtlety only long married women have, she reminded me of what I have to look forward to.

As the song says: "I've got to stop wishin', got to go fishin' I'm down to rock bottom again." This Thursday I'll be visiting with the Doc and ending my wishing for these two stones to be gone. Right now the pain is just enough to bring me to rock bottom. Soon I will be finding out when I will be free of these kidney stones. When that is done it will be time to get on with living, on with enjoying life.
I feel the need for speed...

On the bad side my personal confuser died. Well only the part that connects to the Internet died but that was enough. I could have went in and picked up a USB plug in replacement and saved a lot of bucks but hey it was my birthday so I picked up a new one. This personal confuser is stronger, faster etc. than the old one. My old personal confuser has been on it's last legs for a while now. Back in March with a house load of guests present I managed to drop it off my lap and it was never the same since.  Gravity is not a friend to sensitive electronics. At it's best the old personal confuser was slow on the Internet. Then there were the typing keyboarding issues. It was regular for there to be double letters. Ever wonder why I would write thee as opposed to the? The issue was the old keyboard. As for my new PC, well a picture is worth a lot of words.

Here is a pair of links for you. 

Over the past few days I have actually started to watch some of the Olympics. Watching these kids (hey I can call 'em that, I'm retired) do their thing with all the agony of the losers and the joy of the winners is cool. This morning I was reading the statement that a American soccer goalie had made after loosing in a shootout. Oh boy was she mad and when angry one should never talk to the media.  

I was just reading this story and my first thought was good for this guy stepping up. Leave it to a guy to step forward when no women wanted to compete for the title of wine queen. I think he will be a good one as long as he shaves his legs.   

That's all I got for links.

On the agenda this afternoon is to find a way to transfer all my files, my pics, docs, Internet links, everything from the old PC. It makes a big difference when I look for the funny stuff to post and I don't have the go to news sites to glean from. Then there is the party lifestyle that I have to live up to. My neighbor Doctor J is having a party today. Lucky guy just got married and retired. It should be fun time with all the other neighbors attending. As for me I shall be my normal self with a glass of scotch in one hand being oh so social. 

That is all for now from up here in the wilds North of Disorder.

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