Sunday, 7 August 2016

Window shopping

Going to work at zero-dark-thirty.
It's like driving in a dystopian novel.
Today was a blast from the past. One of the things I hated about my old job was the shift work. I lived a long way (80 miles/129 Kilometres each way) from work and the drive, in my old grey ghost, was very long. I was up and at 'em around three forty five in the morning and out by four thirty because the trip was almost two hours long and I had to ready to go by seven. Today was reminiscent of that time because I had to be at the hospital early, seven AM early. That meant I had to be up at six. I know... oh boy I got to sleep in, right? On the plus side it was a crystal clear morning with just enough cloud to make the sky interesting. 

Speaking of work, I got a text yesterday from my old boss. He wasn't really happy that I had put his pic on the blog. From a guy who has a pic of himself on his Facebook page with his head in a dinosaur mouth while in uniform, I didn't think he would mind. My bad... 

For just $99,995.00 this baby can be all yours.
Sun shade & trailer extra.
Yesterday after lunch I went into town to take in the boat show. I figured have a stroll around, look at some pretty boats that I can't afford, see what trouble could I get into. I had some very nice chats with sales people and saw some very cool boats. 

One of the boats I looked at was a little twenty foot electric number that had a cruising speed of around five or so knots. It looked like something right out of the Great Gatsby, of course I had to talk with the sales guy. So there I am in beat up shorts and a t-shirt that's seen better days. The sales guy gives me "the look." You know the one, the look that says if you have to ask you can't afford so don't waste my time. Well the long and the short of it was the boat was way out of my price range and yes I did waste his time. The basic boat (no sunshade) started at  ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five bucks. Yes that was $99,995 you just read. I smiled, nodded and thanked the young fellow and carried on with my stroll. Later I realised I had forgotten to ask if the price was in American or Canadian currency. Oh well doesn't matter, Canadian or US I still couldn't afford one of these.

Today since I'm already up and it's not supposed to get that hot, I'm going to have another go at the garden. Yesterday after I got home my wife (with the bad back) and I (with the kidney stones) got a little work done. Not as much as I would have liked but there was progress.  Personally I will never understand gardening. What fun is there in this drudgery?  Oh dear, there goes my outside voice again. Looks like I will have to punish myself by being deprived of the Olympics. There, that should teach me a lesson. 

Well that's about all I got for now from my little place up here North of Disorder. Until the morrow then. 

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