Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wasn't that a party

Yesterday was a day of merriment. Today is Sunday a day of rest and recovery. Well not that much rest, we have visitors due in later on Tuesday and as "they" say - things to do an places to go. 

The recovery part comes from being over at Doctor J's place last night for a party and BBQ. Let us just say I may have had a little to many wee drams of malt. I was drinking single malt Scotch with a hint of water and by the time my lovely wife extricated us for the event I was feeling no pain what-so-ever. One piece of knowledge that comes with age is there really ain't no such thing as a free lunch. This morning it was time to pay the piper (get it? Scotch - piper) but it really wasn't that bad. I just suffered with a very mild headache and a slight feeling of lethargy.

In case you were wondering the remedy for a hangover is simple, first don't drink gut rot and second have at least two big glasses of water before bed. It's the gut rot that is nasty with a lot of evil toxins in it and the water helps to flush out the system and hydrate you. You may have a bit of a hangover in the morning but it will be a lot less than normal.

Doctor J throws a heck of a party with all sorts of merriment, plenty of good food, drink, music and  conversation. Where I draw the line is... games.  I'm the guy you always see at any party with games standing off to the side laughing at the crowd. Last night the first game I watched the good folks play was water balloon toss. Simple really several pairs of intoxicated guests play catch with water balloons.

What could go wrong there?

What makes it interesting is after every two tosses the pairs get farther apart so things get a little dicier with each throw. I watched (and laughed) when neighbours R and V managed to do several tosses and V finally missed. The water balloon impacted right in the centre of V's chest. For several seconds she just stood there while here husband tried to look innocent then the smiles and laughter. On the good side their home was only a short distance away so off she went to change. As for the others who got soaked and were not close enough to go home and change, well nobody forced them to play.

This morning I was up at the crack of eight thirty-ish and after coffee (the morning elixir of life) and some sustenance I was hard at work doing the final touches to my personal confuser. I successfully managed to import all my Firefox bookmarks and all the old files from the old HP. I will admit at first I was a bit miffed ("Am I going to have to take this piece of censored and smash it with a hammer to get it to censored work?!?!") things were a little harder then they should have been. This morning I did the un-guy thing and looked up the process with the aid of the help function. Oh my goodness it was just so easy. I just may have to break down and use help more often.

My bad I didn't really take a look for links while I was dealing with file and settings transfers so I ain't going to post any today. My excuse, well I don't really have one so suck it up. I promise to do better on the morrow.  

That's about for me from up here North of Disorder.

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