Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Want to make God laugh? Tell 'em your plans...

Today is the big day, arrival. I have to admit wile I'm looking forward to it the thought of two rambunctious eight year old kids who can't really speak english is a little daunting. Oh well as one of my old friends used to say, we shall overcome.

Here's a riddle for you. How can you make God laugh? Tell him your plans.

The last batch of house guests we had was back in March. It was cold, wet and miserable and  there was even an ice storm during the visit. The damage from that ice storm was in the millions with lots of trees down including one that took out my brother-in-laws power. This time around I'm hoping for better luck with the weather but since I can't salt the clouds all I can do is hope and, well you know, hope some more. Do I detect a faint giggle from up above? As for me there are a few last minute things to do around the place and then it will be time to relax until my wife picks up the gang.  

So here are some links for you...

 I read this story and found it to be a little puzzling. I get to pay the bank for the bank to keep and use my money to make themselves more money?  I wonder how long it will be before banks on this side of the pond catch on to this. 

Here is a perfect example of the "opportunities are everywhere all a person has to do is think outside the box" adage being true.

There are few things that I like better than to sit in my comfy chair with a good book and have some nice soft music on it the background. While I have been known to have spent a few bucks over the years on my sound system, this is crazy.  

Like listening to good music and reading good books java is something I am also fond of. However like the aforementioned link there are limits to what I will do. While buying this isn't crazy it's borderline stupid which is something the hipsters love. 

First there was flat Stanly, then there was the traveling gnome and now there is a runaway rubber ducky? Where will this madness end? 

Oh dear look at the time, I have to run so that's it for today from up here North of Disorder.

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