Thursday, 11 August 2016

Thumbs down...

Well the deed is done. I have officially cast Facebook adrift from my universe. I reviewed the  content and looked at the various issues such as spam ads and privacy. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the headaches. I know that this means I will loose contact with some people but that's life. I may go back to the Facebook world sooner or later but right now the content is a waste of time for me. I honestly can't bring myself to care what others had for lunch or what hotel they are staying at or the new gizmo they just bought. I found that the amount of time I was spending on Facebook verses the amount of enjoyment it was bringing was a loosing proposition. 

Here are a few links for you.

I see in the news that the American fixation for misusing firearms continues. An eleven year old girl gets off her school bus, walks the short distance to her home and gets shot. In reality it turned out when she entered her home her dad shot her then he tried to cover up his mistake by rearranging things and lying to the police.

Then there is the issue of police training with firearms. How in Gods name does a bystander, who has nothing to do with a training exercise, end up being shot? When I was a member of the firearms team where I used to work we were not even able to bring real firearms to any training drills. On the rare times where we did, we certainly didn't have ammo with us.

The attacks from one side on the other in American politics continue. Recently there was a group of national security officials  posted a letter about how Mr.Trump would be reckless as a president. Meanwhile the Director of the FBI testified that the United States faces real threats from criminals, terrorists, spies... and Hillary Clinton

It's all fine with the Democrats, they are an inclusive party unlike the conservative Republicans. Just look at the fact the father of the mass murdered who killed forty nine in Orlando was invited to a Clinton function

Here is a curse that I would like a crack at breaking. It's too bad that money can't fix stupid. 

In the event that you may be looking for a new ride might I suggest this...  The builder only wants three million five hundred eighty three thousand and four hundred forty dollars. Hey, it's just a payment. 

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