Tuesday, 23 August 2016

They travel and I make or mend

Yesterday saw us travelling down to the falls, Niagara Falls that is. The day stated well enough and was OK except for a few minor things. For a while it looked like there was some sort of conspiracy afoot to slow us down. For example when I gassed up the truck and we all got going, my wife (the driver of record) started towards the exit to the highway. Withing seconds we were cut off and had to stop then almost out another vehicle tried to intercept us. This was the sort of behaviour that was encountered time and again all the way down to the falls and back home. It was a good thing my wife was driving and not me, I would have lost it around the second incident and did something really stupid. My wife handled the driving chore very well. 

last night was a movie night. We sent the kids upstairs to watch  some Pirate movies and our guest P asked to watch Firefly. We watched a couple of episodes and the movie. The only issue was I could not for the life of me find the remote control so I had to do a work around.  I hadn't watched Firefly for a long time and had forgot what a refreshing serious it was. Tonight it will be round two of firefly for us adults and round two of pirate movies for the kids.. 

This morning I was up at the new normal of seven (I can't believe people get up this early) AM. I was at a total loss about what to fee our hungry hoard and I almost panicked. After assessing the options we had bacon (hey everybody likes bacon OK) and cheese sandwiches. After clearing away the dishes and assorted foreign objects and debris I sat down, coffee in hand to write this blog. 

Today I managed to get out of the travelling to the beach, we are a little short of supplies and a laundry needs to be done desperately. Outwardly my wife is OK with this, inwardly I'm just not so sure.  I know, I'm an evil person and at some future date I will be reminded of this

Here are a few links for you...

It isn't really a party until a few hundred drunk people who are drifting down a river get blown off course and into another country. There were police, coast guard, customs and a few other agencies involved in the rescue of these poor drunk fools. A few, not wanting the hassles of going to another country, tried to swim back and almost became Darwin statistics. In the end a good time was had by all, well at least from all the party folks. 

"If you pass this I will quit." Ummm... "If you pass this I might quit." Ummm... "If you pass this I may stay and deal with it." Indecision may or may not be the Canadian Green Party leader's problem

Poor Mrs. Clinton, when you do right nobody remembers but when you do wrong nobody forgets. Then again there has been so much wrong that she has done verses so little good it's a wonder she has any support at all. 

Remember playing "hide and go seek" when you were a kid? Well these guys certainly haven't forgotten.

I remember watching one of those old Indiana Jones movies (The lost Crusade) a long time ago. In the movie one of the characters drank from the wrong cup and died horribly and the knight guarding the treasure says "He chose poorly." Well that statement just about sums up what this guy did.

Here is another example of "ya can't fix stupid." I thing that is this guys wife is like any other normal wife this event will be something he will never live down. 

Time to hang it up for the day I got work to be done so that's all from up here North of Disorder.

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