Thursday, 25 August 2016

Just another day in the life...

The morning started well enough by my pretending to be asleep and letting my wife get up first. Before you say anything, yes I am a nasty, evil husband but in my defense I did clear the dishes after a wonderful meal... so there.  

While my wife got the first meal of the day sorted out, I had to make a fast trip to the corner store for maple syrup. You see I had failed in the 7P principal and not made sure that we had enough for the pancakes. Ah yes we had blueberry pancakes this morning. Tomorrow I am leaning towards french toast but that is a decision for another day. 

As I write this the kids are upstairs watching one of the pirate movies. The funny thing is they love these movies but the movies are in English and they only speak German. Later today when my wife returns from getting her hair done we are going to venture forth with the gaggle of guests to a nearby beach. This seems to be what the kids like to do the most and if it makes them happy, I'm happy.

Well so much for the update, here are a few links for you...

A few weeks ago I ended my association with Facebook. This got me in a little hot water with the Misses but ended it I did. The reason at the time was how FB dealt with my use of an ad blocker. Now it comes to light there are other reasons for ditching this service.

In the past whenever I have traveled I have made it a point to become as familiar as I could with the local customs. This guy is a practicing Muslim (the religion of love and peace) so of course he never bothered.

Every now and again as a libertarian I come across something like this and it makes me smile and fantasize.

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, change your password.

Not being a woman I keep hearing the whining what a hectic life women and mothers in particular have. I guess multitasking was the reason this moron mom was seen doing this.

Cheaters never win and when they do win it is only for a few years.

I don't know who these folks are but I like 'em because they have the same sense of humor have. The only difference is he is more mechanically inclined than I am. 

That is about it for today from up here North of Disorder. So until the morrow TTFN.

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