Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The final days

I've been sitting here with breakfast and coffee musing at the way things have been. These last few weeks have seen us with a gaggle of guests under foot. There were good times and these vastly out weighted the minor inconveniences. My only regret is not having done more for them. 

Yesterday we were all at my Brother-in-law's place for the afternoon. It was a nice time with the kids running around and us adults talking adult stuff. One real good thing about the visit was I got to borrow an OBD II reader so after everything settles down I will take a look at the old grey beast and find out what ails it. 

Today it's off to meet up with them at my Sister-in-law's new/old cottage. Then later in the day we will be off to dinner with the crowd at a fancy Japanese restaurant. The kind where the chef cooks the meal with a great amount of ceremony, flames and all, right in front of you. All that will be missing is some samurai sword play.

 Finally it will be back here for the last night. I'm planning on making a round of Monte Christos to sip on as we talk about life, the universe and everything on our deck, or inside if the little buzzing vampires are too numerous.

Links time. Warning, some politics will be involved. 

When we got home last night I went on the personal confuser to check the news and my email. One of the first stories I came across just smacked me right between the eyes. One of the screen greats, Gene Wilder, has passed away. He was eighty three years old and was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It was complications from Alzheimer's disease that led to his untimely demise. 

I came to the conclusion early in life that even though Quebec was part of Canada, the province was nothing more that a third world wanna be. There are many reasons for thinking this, the language laws are a good example. Then I see something like this which only serves to confirm my feelings. 

Hey do you like to BBQ? Are you sad you have to leave your vegan friends off the invitation list? Fear no more friends, help has arrived.    

UFO on positive track... Or at least the radio signals are

Like cat and mouse the electronic war continues. First it was the radar gun and the countermeasure developed was the radar detector. Then came along the laser guns and now we have, as a countermeasure, a device that will defeat the laser. If it were not for the cost I might be tempted to try this out. When I say cost I mean the cost of the unit and the cost of the fines if one is caught. 

Enough with this I must be going.  I shall endeavor to blog again on the morrow. That is all from my little corner of the world up here North of Disorder.  


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