Sunday, 21 August 2016

The day after

All my fears came to nothing yesterday. I always get a case of the nerves just before the event starts. A little voice in the back of my head starts asking if anyone will show up. 

We had a good turnout with lots of fun being had by all. The pig turned out fine and with very little left over. The guys playing giant jenga were a hoot. Every now and then as conversations were going on and the music played there would be this amazing crash of the fifty four giant blocks coming down. These blocks were made of two by fours that are a little over ten inches long so when they fall everybody knows. 

This morning saw me recovering from the drunk fairy and her two by four want to the back of the head last night. After the scotch/bourbon/beer/whisky last night for some reason I'm not as functional as I normally would be, not that I am that functional the start with. A short time ago I choked down some breakfast with a side order of very strong coffee and extra strength aspirins. All that did was make the inside of my scull a little more habitable. If I can survive the next few hours all will be fine, pray for me. 

Yesterday was very memorable with so friends that I hadn't seen in way to long. My wife's godfather was here and it was good catching up with him and his wife. He may be in his late eighties by he still has all his marbles. My golf buddy was here with tails of his new home. One of the things he has now is a boat. With him the game plan is simple, after our house guests leave in a couple of weeks I'm going to join him for a day on the river fishing. being the lazy squeamish guy I am, it will be catch and release, but that's OK. 

So as for me the aspirins are kicking is so it's time to get my little humble home back to normal. Until tomorrow that about wraps it up from up here North of Disorder. 



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