Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The automotive slippery slope...

I have an old car. It isn't only old in years (bought new in 2008) it is old in kilometers (just turned 329000) which means that things can and will go wrong with it. A few weeks ago I had it e-tested so the environmental weenies would get their couple of bucks and feel better about themselves. When I got the grey beast done I was surprised that it actually passed.

Night before last I went out to fetch dinner for the crowd since my wife and I were in no mood to cook. About half way to the chicken place I noticed the yellow check engine light had come on. Not one to panic at the sight of a check engine light (it's yellow not red) I held off dealing with it until the the gang was gone yesterday afternoon. Since I don't own and OBD II reader and I really don't want to spend the bucks on a car that could be thought of as an octogenarian, I did the simple thing. I reset the system by disconnecting the car battery for a few seconds then hooking it back up again. This was the equivalent to turning it off and on again. 

The fix lasted until I went in to town yesterday afternoon. Around ten kilometres into the trip I noticed the check engine light was on again.  I checked with my brother-in-law and sure as the sun rose this morning he has an OBD II reader. Now after the guests leave in a week I'll head over to his place and borrow it to see what the problem is. I'm not too worried, odds are the issue is something to do with the emissions plumbing. If it's not a critical issue and I can run the car for a while all the better. But if it's serious and the beast is living on borrowed time then it's time to put it down.

Here are a few links for you...

Our bringer of light and truth The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau  is bound and determined to bring marijuana to the masses. I think the next step, if he gets wind of  this, could be "far out man."

A  lot of the folks whose blogs I read are totally opposed to voting which is fine given the actual odds of changing the outcome of any political race. The only issue is when one lays down and does nothing, this happens.

Other folks are adamant that if things in the (not so) United States go south they will "rise up" just like in 1776 and all will be put right. The only tiny issue with this fallacy is the other side may just have a plan for that.

Here you are, a home owner who finds a B&E when he gets home and calls the cops.  One little thing, the home owner is Black and this is America. Can you guess what happened?

There are certain localities where the authorities use an item called a boot on cars. A boot is actually a clamp that prevents the car from being driven away. Like most things done by the authorities if someone puts their mind to it, like this car owner, there is a work around

When I see things like this, I can't help but wonder what kind of seasoning this guy used.

Well I think that's about enough frivolity for now. I have a group of travelers to attend to so that's it from up here, North of Disorder.

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