Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday ramblings

I have an admission to make, I'm on Twitter (@MJR7). I take around a half hour per day looking at the tweets of the 38 people I follow. This is where I find some of the best political and satirical links. Sometimes, like yesterday, I get to watch a melt down. 

One of the people (Michelle Rempel, MP) didn't like a post by a comedian (Mark Critch) about her old boss, the now retired Stephen Harper and she went at him. She was very upset, even using the f-bomb and calling him an a**hole. By last night it was all over the media with stories on line, on TV and even the radio. Today I looked again to see it the story was still circulating to find it's all but dead. 

Seeing the melt down in real time by a member of parliament was enlightening. I guess they are only human too. I have had my moments on line and I've learned not to post anything when I'm angry for at least twenty four hours. This is my version of anger management. I have a feeling that Ms. Rempel is going to have (or already had) a talk with her boss, Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose. The subject of this conversation... probably anger management.

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day where I said to heck with the chores. The highlight of the day was first hearing the Wright Cyclone engines, then seeing, for a moment as it flew over, a fully restored second world war B-17G Flying Fortress bomber. For the past few days it's been located at a nearby airport where the staff have been giving tours and, for a few bucks, giving people rides. As much as I would love a ride in a heavy the price is just a little too high. 

Last night I was in bed late so I was up late this morning. I see by the clock that I have frittered away half the day already so today is going to be a repeat of yesterday with my being in relax mode. As for tomorrow, I'll worry about it when it becomes today. 

Here are a few links for you. Spoiler alert, some are political in nature.

There are those who say that the more adult we are the more need there is to play and let off steam. I, for one, would never stand in the way of a person having fun even if he kills himself doing it. I'm sure the guy who did this is going to be nominated for a Darwin Award in the near future.

If Chuck Norris takes a stand against it the problem must be serious.  

The Olympics are over and done with. The athletes have gone home to their respective countries, to homecomings some of which were good and some... not so much. I remember hearing stories about losers reporting back to the former USSR and getting punished but I always thought they were just stories. Then there is Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe who wasn't happy with the results his athletes had. So what's the answer, order the whole Zimbabwean Olympic Team members arrested and detained the over dismal performance. I guess life under Rhodesian prime minister Ian Smith doesn't look that bad now, does it?

That's about all I got for today. That's it for me from North of Disorder.

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