Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday musings

I was up this morning not because of the dreaded alarm clock but because of the dreaded bladder. Once that issue was dealt with I returned to slumber land for another hour. Yes our gaggle of guests are with my sister-in-law for the weekend.

Right now as I churn out the blog I'm sitting here with the personal confuser resting in my lap sipping a coffee and enjoying the lack of rushing about. Don't get me wrong I like the kids and the cousin more than I can admit to, I just like the peace and quiet as well.

Once I get a little motivated and cleaned up (morning's half gone and I'm still in my bathrobe) I am going to tackle some chores. The lawn and a few other things have been left wanting. But for now I'm just going to relax.

Links for you to look at and wonder about. Spoilers... some are political in nature.

When I read this story a little earlier this morning it brought a smile to my lips. The last Prime Minister (Harper) was a fan of the big stick and loved to have the Ministry of National Defence deploy combat troops all over. Our bright shiny brand new Prime Minister (Trudeau) campaigned on a promise the military would be used for peace keeping not fighting. To that end the Minister has announced a commitment of a battalion sized force to one of five locations in Africa. There is only one tiny little problem with this, the good folks at the UN want these guys for "peace making" not "peace keeping." Peace making is a nice way of saying this will be a combat mission. I wonder how big the butchers bill will be this time. 

The mayor of Montreal and the PQ are at it again. They are calling for the hearings on Energy East to be suspended. Once again there is the attempt at a shake down of the federal government as the mayor tries for more money and the PQ tries to show it is still relevant. Who cares about the damage to thousands of lives in Alberta as long as Montreal gets a bigger cut of the action. I wonder how they would feel if the Feds said yes to their request then reallocated funds from transfer payments from Quebec to Alberta? 

This story reminded me of a chat I had with an old friend about cleaning out portable crappers and finding cell phones. Looks like this guy couldn't wait for the clean out crew to get his phone back. Once again  we find in reality you can't fix stupid. 

With this my last link in today's blog I give you an awwww moment

I have to go and turn myself into a human being so that's it for now from me up here North of Disorder.

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