Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sadly Conan the barbarian I'm not

Yesterday I was on Facebook and came across a post about one of "The Donald's" tweets. It was a post that gave me pause and roused my interest to the point of looking into the background and seeing if this was a hoax or if he was serious. I couldn't find any supporting evidence that he even said this so I've sent a request off to www.factcheck.org/ and hopefully they will take a look. Personally I think it's a hoax because nobody rises to the level of billionaire by being stupid. That being written one also has to take into account the very  myopic world view Americans have that's fostered upon them by a very poor education system. 

OK enough with the politics and back to the real reason this blog exists, me. 

This morning I managed to crawl out and clean myself up to the point where I don't look like I should reside in a back alley cardboard box. I had been experimenting with growing a beard. Much to my wife's relief, I looked at myself after a week of not shaving and came to the conclusion the beard experiment was an abject failure. I guess I'm not cut out to be a barbarian.

Today is finally the moment of truth for my car. I'm taking my stinky old car in to get it E-tested. If the car passes then I'm going to get it cleaned and the cracked windshield replaced. If the old beast fails then it is off to the gallows at the wreckers. At 330,000 kilometers on the dial, the old beast has served me very well. The car still drives nice even with all the crap and abuse I have put it through. it would be a shame to have it crushed and turned into razor blades so I hope it passes. 

Well as they say (ever wonder who the "they" are that say this?) it's time to frappĂ© la rue. So without any further adieu, au revoir from up here North of disorder.  

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