Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Retire an relax - HA!

I was once again up and at 'em early today. With the temps projected to be in the mid to high eighties and humidity tossed into the mix, working outside later in the day was not a pleasant prospect. 

There I was toiling in my wife's garden, pulling weeds like a veritable peasant toiling in the fields. Sweat rolling off my brow, filling up my garden cart with the offending foliage. All I was missing was some work songs. 

While it's still a "work in progress I pressed the new/old trailer into service. My normal garden cart is around a third the size and I really didn't want to make numerous trips to the compost heap. Two of the neurons in my cerebral cortex actually fired in sequence and I thought "what the hell try the new/old trailer?" and it worked.  

So now with the temp up in the eighties I have ended my gardening servitude for the day. While it is not Gardens Illustrated perfect, the garden looks better. Before it looked like something you would find at a derelict abandoned property.  

Next up after lunch will be working in the basement. Being the guy I am I've gotten into the habit of leaving things where the are when I finish using. Now the time has come to find homes for things and trash out some of the accumulated junk. On the plus side is the temp in the basement is cool in a good way. 

Here for your enjoyment are a quintet of links. 

In the quest to bring you new and exciting opportunities in government jobs, I give you the opportunity to become a Canadian Senator. Anybody who can fill out the paperwork is eligible to apply. Great pay, amazing perks and benefits heck I might come out of retirement an give it a go. I even own a suit. 

There is a move afoot on Ottawa to change the way politicians are elected. From a personal view I have no issues with the system (First Past the Post) we already have and I think that may be a feeling of a lot of Canadians. On the other side of the isle there are those like Ms. Elizabeth May who want to change things. Here is a good example why ditching the FPTP system would be a failure for Canadians. 

I don't know who the owner of the bar is and I have never visited this place however I like what he has done. I hope that this is a fad that catches on. 

I leave you today with this final link. It is on one hand wondrous, on the other hand terrifying. A world that is run by a super computer that has the thought processes of a person.   

What happens if the person whose memories and thought processes are flawed? I suspect if this comes to pass I will be long into my dirt nap so this is a problem for future generations.. 

That's about all from me up here North of Disorder.

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