Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Our little B&B

Yesterday my wife and I split our resources, she had the hard part and went to meet our guests at the airport and I was in charge of dinner. After a little delay with entering the country or as our house guest P put it, customs was "a re-enactment of nine eleven", my wife whisked them away and brought them to our little bead and breakfast (and lunch and dinner and snacks etc.) in the country. Yesterday I enjoyed the last quiet respite I will have for the next couple of weeks. Joking aside I love having them here, P is one of the coolest people I know and his two little girls are wonderful. .

Shopping with the gang
This morning we were up at seven (oh my God it's early) o'clock with the kids and so it began. It was shower, shave and shove off time and we hit the road running. First stop was the deli, then a quick visit to the druggist, a world wind trip for some groceries and last (but never least) a stop for ice cream. All this was done before eleven this morning. 

I haven't a clue about how my friend P does it with two eight year old kids. I suspect that if I were in charge there would be a string of visits from the child welfare people.

Right now we adults are in recover mode with my lovely wife and house guest having a little nap. After I finish with this I'm going to join them. This getting up at "Oh my God it's early" is for the birds. 

So here are a few links for you .

It is starting to look like democracy is in trouble around the world. With what is going on in Europe added to the happenings in the United States and  (not to be out done) in the middle east, it sure does look like there could be issues with the way things are going. I think the media is going a bit chicken little in the quest for market share but that's just me. 

Then again while it may not be the end of democracy it might be the start of a zombie apocalypse. After all what else would explain somebody doing this?  

Speaking of zombies here is an example in nature if it happening. Lucky for us, it's not people... yet. However the end result could be just as bad seeing it's the honey bee that's effected.  

It has been said that justice moves slowly and from personal experience I can attest to that fact. Here is an example from England where this guy had been on the enforcement radar for two decades. All it took was one stupid mistake then on go the steel bracelets and he's off to the crowbar hotel. So remember kids if you are going to do something silly only do it once or the authorities will take notice and come get you. 

Looks like the IT guys don't take their own advice so here is a reminder... Change your password!    

You can give a guy a fancy title and the training to go with it but in the end we all know ya can't fix stupid.

By the way my guest has spoken up about this blog and says I should be a little more political so I am going to add a few political links with commentary as time goes on.

That's about it from me up here North of Disorder.

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