Friday, 19 August 2016

One step forward, one step back

Today I was up and that's a good thing. This getting up at a time I very seldom see is starting to grind me down. I keep telling myself it's only for a short time so I shall prevail. In this  I'm not alone my wife, who is also a late riser, is in the same boat and suffering as I suffer.

Yesterday I was at the Doctor's office and, as I suspected he would, he tossed me another curve ball. One the one hand I do have a kidney stone, just one not two. It is lodged inside the left kidney and it's a big one at a little over six milometers in size. The stone is not, in this lifetime, going to pass. On the other hand this stone is not the cause of my woes. The stone is not obstructing anything and I don't have anything in the tube to the bladder.

I asked him what could be causing the pain and his response was one that almost sent me into low earth orbit. After hemming a bit he made a few suggestions and I called him on it. I simply asked what was the most likely explanation. His answer was a shrug and to tell me he was a urologist and that wasn't his field but I should, however, still drink a lot of water. He wants me to have an ultrasound in April of 2017 to check on the stones progress. One thing about the stone, if it ever starts to travel I will be in one big world of hurt. Deal with a kidney stone proactively before all the pain? That is not the way it works my friend.

So here I sit a day later and still in pain. The anger has subsided but for a while I will admit to thinking some seriously bad thoughts. Thoughts that, if I were to share them here and anything happened to this chump doctor would make the authorities put under a microscope. It's a good thing that I really believe in the Non Aggression Principal.  Oh well, it sucks to be me I guess. So it's time for me to stop bitching about this and start getting on with things.

Today the gang is going to the beach and into town foe a little shopping while I get to stay here and do house work. Tomorrow is the pig roast and I will be glad when that's over. I always think the worst (bad weather, nobody shows up etc.) is going to happen. I guess it brings out the pessimist in me. 

It's time for me to get boots on the ground and get some work done. That's it for me from up here north of disorder. 

* Housekeeping note: Tomorrow's blog will be a lot late or not at all due to things beyond my control. Pray for me...

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