Monday, 29 August 2016

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy

For the last few days I have been watching as the planning for our gaggle of guests has changed and shifted and been rearranged by other members of the family and it has made me smile. I think it's cool that we are a group of people who are flexible enough to adapt to various situations.   

There is an old military maxim that says no plan ever survives contact with the enemy and that is the situation around here. The original game plan was for us to meet with the gang at a nice restaurant for some Japanese food tonight then tomorrow at my brother-in-laws place and finally back here and off to the jetport.  That has morphed into our meeting the gang at my Brother-in-laws place after lunch today and tomorrow we will do the Japanese food thing. In addition to the restaurant we will spend a day at the cottage of my other brother-in-law swimming in the river. Then after all that it's back here then off to the jetport. 

Looking at the way things have evolved over the last two weeks with our house guests, like a schizophrenic I'm of two minds about their upcoming departure. One part of me loves having them here and they are a lot of fun. The conversations with P have been a real eye opener and the kids are adorable just as most eight year old kids are. On the other hand the getting up at sunrise seven(ish) in the morning is a killer. Oh well only two more days then the tears, hugs and farewells. 

Links time...

It looks like the weiner is at it again. I guess it will be another round of media frenzy with this story. It's not like Anthony Weiner hasn't done this before. On the plus side this sort of thing makes for good TV drama.

This is a group of people whose hearts are in the right place but their brains aren't. These self centered hypocrites don't want Energy East built for the sake of the environment. Meanwhile these fools will drive around in their gas fueled cars and use oil in hundreds of ways every day.

Then there is Montreal mayor Denis the Hutt who is only protesting this in order to shake down the federal government and the pipeline corporation for more cash. Sadly there are those in power who will actually listen to these fools while people in Alberta starve. 
Oh what to do when you escape custody and the authorities publish a pic of you that is very unflattering. Of course the answer is simple, send them a better pic.

Nothing like visiting the fall fair and sitting down to a big dish of deep fried... what?

Space in the newer condos is at a premium these days. The bigger the unit the more you get to fork out. Well here may be an answer to little condos.

You think there may be problems with the internet now? Just you wait until the UN takes over.

That's all I got so until the morrow that is all from up here North of Disorder.

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