Monday, 1 August 2016

Happy Simcoe Day

I know it's a little later than normal, I'm retired so sue me. On the agenda for this holiday Monday is the rebuilding of a gate/fence at a friend's house. I'm told that all she needs is an extra pair of hands while she does the work. If things run true to normal she will supply the extra set of hands while I do the work. It's not a competency issue, it's a "I just can't just sit by and watch" issue. 

I was looking around this morning and found these links that managed to make me laugh so I thought I would share them. 

Here is a guy who lives near an airport. Not only does he has a sense of humor about it, he likes to mess with people... 

So you like beer? Think you are an authority on all things beer? Are you unemployed? Boy have I got a job for you

 Here we have a story about a bow tie wearing duck who stopped by his local pub for a beer then gets into a fight. This is the sort of thing one would expect to find in the funny pages. 

Times they are so changing. Tell someone fifty years ago a US navy ship was to be named after a gay activist and you would have been locked up for being crazy but that is exactly what is being done. File this under A for about time.  

It's almost time for Rio and the Olympics and it should be fun to watch. As far as participation goes I suspect if you are a swimmer not as much fun as you would like. The warnings are out not to swallow the water. The stuff that was supposed to be done to clean the water up, wasn't. Oh well the committee could have picked Toronto. Their loss.  

Every day we are all assaulted by scammers unless you are a third world type who lives in a cave without internet like this guy. The majority of these scams come from Nigeria and promise a lot of money and all you have to do is send them your banking information. Well the master mind behind these scammers has finally been caught. He forgot the first rule of con games. Always know when to walk away and live to graft another day. 

Here is another public service announcement. Remember kids if you feel the need to acquire a car don't take the one with all the flashing lights on top. The police may be a little offended with you.  

Well that's about all for today. I have things to do and places to go. Adios from up here North of Disorder.

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