Monday, 8 August 2016

Get your motor running...

Last night I hit the sac around ten and went to sleep without any drama. The fuzzball didn't bug me after I bought her off with treats. I didn't hear my significant other when she came up much later. Yes it was a good night. 

This morning I was up at eight and managed to get the trash to the curb without any issues. Cat fed, coffee made and I was out and about. I went down to the semi big city to get stickers  for our vehicles and a new drivers license for me. That done I returned to the roost and put stickers on the vehicles and grabbed a little breakfast. 

Then it was back into town (a different one this time) to pick up some salt for the water softener, gas up my car and return to the roost. Now comes the task of humping 200 pounds of salt into the house. I'll get right on that as soon as I've had a little lunch. 

So far today I've done a lot of running around. That ain't supposed to be the way it works with retirement, or so I was told. It's OK I would rather be doing something then sitting in a chair, watching the tube and dying a little more every day. Sadly these last few months that's exactly what I have been doing, nothing. I found that when I exert myself the damn stones raise their ugly little heads and I'm into the pain relief. I have a honey-do list that will not go away pain or no so now I'm pushing the envelop just a bit. Worst case I can always go to emerge.

It was nice tooling around in my old beater today. Even with the amount on the odometer, the crunched in rear door and the rust spots it runs really well. It's going to be a sad day when the grey beast finally gets dealt. Next year, if it lasts the winter, it may get a new lease on life. My bro's eldest daughter needs a car because she will be getting her license. I have volunteered the grey beast. The only issue is that my car has a stick and driving a manual shift these days isn't in vogue with the younger set. 

Before I forget, it turns out that android OS has a few security issues. So if you are using an android phone beware it is not as secure as you have been led to believe. 

Last, but never least, if you are down on the east coast, specifically Nova Scotia and are planning a swim in the sea you may want to look at this. You have been warned.  

That's it  for me. The salt bags are not going to put themselves away. Signing off from up here North of Disorder.

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