Friday, 5 August 2016

Get 'er done...

Yesterday in the heat I went out and cut down an offending limb that was overhanging the back of the house. The limb in question was acting as a highway for rodents of the squirrel variety.  Once this was finished I placed a peanut butter bated trap for the little fuzzy rodents. Now comes the waiting game. My intentions towards the little fuzzy rodent are Honourable, If I manage to trap it I'm just going to take it around a mile away and let it go find a new home.

This morning I was up early and after checking the trap (no luck, drat!) I went in to town with my wife's truck. Time to get the dreaded emissions test out of the way. When I did this the other day with my wheels I was in and out in ten minutes flat. Today I was in with nobody in front of me and ready to rock. Service guy says shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Time passes... Service guy apologises for the delay, mentions something about Internet issues. Time passes... Service guy says they are working on an Internet problem. I asked the service guy if the had an on call tech since there were several people waiting for e-tests. He says the boss doesn't like to call the tech because it costs money. So I reminded him that customers walking away and going to other establishments also costs money. Tech called, remote system reset done and all returned to normal. Oh, and the truck passed the test.  

I was reading the news and came across a story which is one of those that makes you wonder. 

I guy went in to a restaurant and was served salmon. The salmon was wonderful except for the problem of a customer not having ordered that dish and having a severe seafood allergy. The customer was taken to the hospital and it looks like he will live. The server has been arrested with a pending charge of criminal negligence hanging over his head. Of course the patron is also considering launching a suit against the restaurant and server because "I was never contacted. Never."

Several things stand out about this story. The first thing, if the victim knew how severe his reaction to sea food was, why was his EpiPen in his car and not on his person? The second question that raises it's ugly head, when he had the reaction his friend (who were medically trained) assisted, why didn't the friend first go and fetch the EpiPen from the victims car? Failing that, why wasn't a employee of the restaurant sent to the car to get the EpiPen? Having gone through a very similar situation with an employee who was stung by a bee, the first thing was to call 911 and while this was being done the employee's EpiPen was being fetched from her car. 

I strongly think that the criminal charges will be dropped and the lawsuit will fail for two reasons. First mistakes in busy restaurants happen. Servers are rushed in the quest by patrons for faster service so things go wrong. Secondly, there's a reasonable expectation that a person who has an allergy will take every precaution to ensure their own safety.

My former employer was (and is) routinely served with civil lawsuits. While working I have been threatened a few times myself. From my experience I really don't think a lawsuit will have any legs. The end will happen when the restaurant/server's lawyer asks "If you knew how bad this was, why was your EpiPen in your car?"

Speaking of lawsuits here's a doozy. The Alberta government is suing and earlier version of the Alberta government because of a case of unintended consequences. 

This is one of those stories that demonstrate the power of the media. It seems like there are stories about people  misusing guns, shooting people with guns, etcetera. Well here is one of those gun stories that show how paranoid about guns the media has made us

Well we have now been told that flossing our teeth is a scam. Personally I will keep doing it because in the morning I really don't like the feeling in my mouth, but that's just me.

Here is a link for you and it will be the last link inn this chain of things today. Earlier I wrote about the Alberta government suing itself like a snake trying to eat it's tale. Well here is another sign that the Alberta NDP government is out of touch with reality

Well that's enough for today from up here North of Disorder. TTFN


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