Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dinner for two, coming right up!

Yesterday I took my old beast of a car in for it's e-test. Surprising to me, the darned thing actually passed. Today it goes in to get the windshield replaced. Meh, it's just a payment and I figure the little bit of cash I have to fork over is a lot better than buying a new car. Next step after the windshield is for the beast to be detailed so it's not so stinky. Then It's my wife's truck that's up next for an oil change, e-test and cleaning up. I will get that done on Friday.

Last night we had our usual argument discussion about dinner which breaks down into two parts. The first part follows along the lines of "So what do you feel like having?" This is usually followed up with the second part which is "We don't have xxxxxx so we can't do that"  or "It's to hot to make that." Eventually we figure something out and my wife, the cook, heads to the stove. 

Sometimes (not as often as my wife would like) I step up and do dinner. The problem here is my cooking skills are zip limited. Being a guy, I'm from the "heat it up and serve it" school of thinking. I do some things well (hamburgers, omelets, sausages) but mostly around a stove I admit to being rather ham fisted unskilled. 

Chicken on the left, veggies on the right... charge!
Last night we did fajitas and I (somebody mark this on a calendar) cooked. After my wife chopped (you want me to put my fingers on cold dead animal flesh?) up some chicken and vegetables I got the BBQ going.  On went the griddle and once the temp was right on went the chicken and the veggies. It took a bit but once it was done dinner was great. 

One thing I will say here is if you don't have a griddle for your BBQ, get one. Having a griddle opens up a new world of options for cooking. Power goes out... no problem. Too hot to cook in the kitchen... no problem.  Doing breakfast for a crowd... no problem.

That's enough of my culinary exploits. Here are a few links for you.

Oh the poor Donald. Looks like he is everybody's target even when he sits down to a simple meal.

Here for your entertainment is one of those "hold my beer and watch this" stories that we so like to read.

While the golf at the Olympics in Rio will not have the "take a sip of this water and get sick" issues, there are still issues the golfers will have to contend with. Roaming around the course will be things like capybaras, sloths, and other critters (like mini crocodiles). Should be interesting to watch as a (fill in the blank) interferes with play.

I'm not going to go into a rant about this, suffice to say that it is the major reason I don't want to travel to England where the latest numbers are 52,000 CCTV cameras in use. Well now it's popping up in America. If I want to experience George Orwell's 1984 all I have to do is read the book.

Here is my last link of the day. OK don't cheer so loud, it's rude. Anyway, This is a great example of stupid at a zoo. The sad thing about it is if this idiot's actions had resulted in the child falling in, one of the animals would have been killed.

Well that's enough for now from little old me up here North of Disorder.

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