Thursday, 18 August 2016

Another dawn, another early day

Another day of up and at 'em at "oh my goodness it's early" in the morning. I honestly have no idea how my house guest P does it. This morning my wife and I took the easy way out and took the gang to a good old fashioned diner for a big breakfast. Stupid me I was so tired I just pulled a couple of bills out and paid for the meal. The owner caught me a couple of minutes later and asked if I really meant to tip so well. Turns out I had given her a 50% tip as opposed to the 15% tip I had planned. That's one of the nice things about being a regular at this place, the owner is not only the one who brings the food she is a friend and friends don't screw friends over.

Now I'm back at home while my wife takes the gang out to some touristy spots. While they are off gallivanting I will be doing some house work and getting ready for my trip this afternoon to the doctor's office. 

I am feeling a little trepidation about this visit, every time I have seen this quack doctor he has managed to do something totally unexpected. For example when I saw him in May I fully expected to be in an OR within a week to take care of these damn stones. Not happy with the ultrasound he sends me for a CT scan. 

Time passes... 

I got the CT scan a week and a half ago and today I should find out if when I will be free of the pain. This weekend we have a good old fashioned pig roast with a lot of guests. My big fear is he will tell me the procedure will be Saturday and I will be well and truly screwed.  My biggest mistake with all this was not going to emerge when the pain first reared it's ugly head. The last time I had a stone  it was dealt with within hours. Well you live and learn or you don't live long I guess. 

Here are a few links for you to look at and think about. 

A pedal powered car should be good enough to get
around Ottawa with for the MP's.
One thing I have always hated about those few who govern us many is the "do as I say not as I do" attitude. The push is on from the provincial and federal governments for us to go green and start using electric cars. At the same time the ministers responsible don't want electric vehicles because they don't have charging stations at their offices. I guess that with all the people at their beck and call, not one knows how to install a plug. From their lofty positions I don't think, they even realize there ain't enough charging stations for us peons too. 

It's starting to look like there may be a few who don't like Mrs Clinton  and are under the opinion that it may be a bad thing with her at the top.

In your guts you know Montreal politicians are nuts. They are starting another crackdown on dogs in Montreal, pit-bulls to be more precise. Like guns it's always easier to demonize an object (guns or dogs) then to correct the behavior of individuals who do wrong. A dog takes it cue from the training  it gets. If the dog is mistreated it will do bad things just like if a firearm is mistreated it will do bad things. Time to deal with the cause not the symptom of the problem.

Funny thing about being in a foreign country, when I judge orders someone not to leave the country they usually mean it. Why is this happening? When a story that puts the authorities in a bad light comes out, the authorities may want to know the truth. The main issue here is how the stories from four people are filled with discrepancies.

Venezuelan police are chopping up guns. The reason, to fight crime and where are these guns coming from, those who are not criminals. It's win-win situation. The government get to be seen cracking down with the side effect that the overthrow of the government is that much harder. The criminal have less to worry about when committing an offense when the public is disarmed.  

That's about all from me up here North of Disorder. 

BTW please feel free to let me know in comments if your are not happy with the politics of my links.

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