Thursday, 4 August 2016

Adventures in country living

I have to say that my cat is so considerate and thoughtful for my welfare, it's a wonder. Take this morning for example, knowing that I had to get up early and bring my grey beast into the shop she proceeded to caterwaul. The only issue here is the appointment to get the car in was for nine thirty and she decided that I should be up at  ten after six. An honest mistake on the cat's part since she doesn't have a watch and can't really tell time anway.  Obviously my cat wasn't sure when the appointment was.  I love my cat... I love my cat... I love my cat... I love my cat... arrgggg...

One thing that I did notice while lying in bed this morning was a faint scratching noise from the direction of the ceiling. It was probably this noise that got my cat into caterwauling mode. I may be wrong (it wouldn't be the first time) but the noise was probably a squirrel trying to gain entrance to the attic. Once this blog is put to bed I will be going out and place a bated trap in an attempt to catch the furry little bastard critter. I'm not looking forward to using the chainsaw on the branches and setting the trap because it's one of those triple H days; hot, hazy and humid. Oh well what has to be done, has to be done. 

Meh, that's life in the country for you. 

Speaking of country life, here is an example of the differences between Canada and the land of the brave home of the free, America. While on a country vacation hike, a family ran into our Prime Minister who was also taking a few days off and hiking with his family. Can you imagine if this had been the US president? The whole area would have been shut down by secret service. 

When ever I read a story like this, a little part of me always asks what is the motivation that drives a person to do this? The ripples of this event are going to be felt for a while with increased background checks if I'm not mistaken.

One thing that I have been told by friends who are police officers is the perks are nice. Free coffee, donuts, meals... Well the times they are a changing my police friends may be surprised to learn. 

Speaking of police, here is a story about the downfall of a Montreal constable. Turns out he lost his temper while driving after being cut off. With so many options (tickets for unsafe, careless, reckless etc.) he chose to crash his car into the other persons vehicle, drag out the offending driver and proceed to punch his lights out. One good thing, there are always positions for security guards at malls he can go after.

Meanwhile in the United States it's OK for a constable to get drunk and shoot up a church.

That's enough for now I have traps to set and tree branches to cut. Over and out from up here North of Disorder.


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