Saturday, 6 August 2016

A sunny, sunny day...

It's another bright sunny day. I looked outside and my lawn is dying because of the lack of rain. The only thing that is really growing are the weeds. This afternoon when the sun has moved enough so the shadows will encompass my work area I will get rid of some of the weeds in my wife's garden. Sadly the weeds have all but taken over the garden. 

My wife has had two serious problems with the garden this year. The first issue has been her back. It's not been a pretty time trying to get things with the back issue. The second and even greater obstacle is that I really hate doing gardening work. I simply don't have the patience or inclination for gardening work and I just don't see the garden the way she does. I guess that's the curse of being a neanderthal male. 

The Olympics are on, yeah! My wife has the Olympics on and with only a few hours of watching under my belt I'm already sick tired of it. Oops, was that my outside voice? So far the only interesting this that has happened was watching a outdoor bike racer miss a turn and cycle into a wall. Reading what I just wrote I am of the opinion that I am a very shallow person. Once I finish writing this I shall punish myself by going out for an hour or two to deprive myself of the spectacle. 

Here is something to think about every time you fill out a on line survey, don't bother deleting cookies, buy things on line, get a traffic ticket... you are under the microscope. The data trail you leave is up for sale to anybody including the authorities so they can spam you, harass you even jail you for something you might want to buy or... do. 

Back when I actually worked for a living I had to do a lot of investigations and paperwork. The amount of things that "went missing" was amazing as was the attitude about the loss. For example one of the senior directors managed in one year to loose several master keys. Keys that would let somebody into a lot of areas where they shouldn't be. The attitude... meh. Well it looks like the feds have a similar problem with loss prevention and like my former employer their attitude is... meh. 

This story reminds me about something one of my favourite characters once said. "Nothing buys bygones quicker than cash." The sad thing is these folks probably don't realise they are being bribed with their own money, that is except for the First Nations folks on reserves who don't pay tax. 

Well on the plus side this new theory means that interstellar travel may be possible. On the downside the occupants of any vehicle who tried this would get "spaghettified." I think the next step will be the invention of artificial gravity to counter the effects.  

Well that's about all I have for today, as for me that's it from up here North of Disorder. .

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