Thursday, 7 July 2016

Sun's up

We have been having a series of those nice hot humid hazy days we get in the summer (yes American friends the snow has melted) and last night was one of the few times I wish we had AC.

With all the goings on yesterday I forgot to do the kitty litter. Of course our cat, with impeccable timing, chose sun up to remind me that I was in direct violation of the employer (cat) staff (me) agreement. After I shooed the cat away I did manage to get a little more sleep. For those who don't have a cat I suspect that you will simply not understand.
One of the best explanations of the Cat (employer) Staff (human) relationship ever written
Yesterday was a good day on the range. I wasn't there very long, the deer flys are out. By the way for those who think mosquitoes are an issue you obviously don't know about deer flys. These little ba... (censored) don't simply sting and suck a little blood, nooo, they are carnivorous. That's right they land ever so gently then take a bite (literally) out of you. Try to flick them off and all you get is a little dirty fly look as the little ba... (censored) continues to take a hunk out of your hide. 

On a side note while at the range I found that I can still hit what I aim at. Mind you I have a four power scope and was firing from a rest, but still the grouping when the rifle was zeroed was nice. The only reason it's still a tiny bit off was the damned deer flys were eating me alive so I had to run. 

Today if the weather stays nice I'm going to clean up my workshop while my wife is in the semi big city doing wife things. Then it will be time to do a little more work with the new/old trailer. However if it gets too hot I'm going to veg in the basement where the temp is reasonable. That's one of the not so nice things about piling on the years, I just can't take the heat (literally)  the way I used to. 

I see the police in the United States have been having a bad week PR wise. First there was the issue of Alton Sterling then there was the issue of Philando Castile and the fact the event was live streamed over FaceBook. Add to these incidents what Officer Daniel Peabody did and suspect there may be a problem with American law enforcement. 

I know that fourth of July celebrations are past however I found this and had to share. Remember if you are going to fire a home made cannon use a long fuse and run away...

I'm not sure about you, however when I look at various stories I try to corroborate the facts that are being presented. I look at various things including who funds those posting the story and who has something to gain. I have learned over the years the adage that "there are no facts, there is no truth just data to be manipulated" is more true that one can imagine. When I see things like this, I see my skeptic view being reinforced.

These stories made me laugh literally out loud. What the heck was this person thinking? The same question can be asked about this group of nitwits, what the heck went through their collective consciousness when they decided to do this?  Remember kids when you choose to support something there may be the chance that not everyone will support the same thing.

I guess that if you want to go on safari and see hippos you don't have to travel as far. All you have to do is head down to Columbia instead of the dark continent. Nice.

Well the clock is ticking and there are things to get done so that's it from me up here North of Disorder. 

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