Monday, 11 July 2016

Somebody didn't get the memo

We are now past the summer solstice and the days are getting ever so slightly shorter, yet in my world it's the nights that are getting shorter. I know, you are sitting there and asking yourself "how can this be?" Well I have a cat... A cat that has decided that I should not be sleeping late. A cat that thinks my getting up at sunrise is a good thing. A cat that if she keeps this up is going to get... (Have to be careful now, my wife reads this and so do a few friends who love cats) a good talking to. Yes, I'm sure that will work. Not to worry, I was going to get up early to get the trash out anyway but a little after five in the morning is a bit much. On the down side I can't make coffee because the grinder is loud enough to wake the dead and I don't have any amphetamines so I'm pretty much stuck.   

Looks like today is going to be the last good one for a few days. As per the weathertainers it's going to get hot hazy and humid in a nasty way. There is a front heading up from the gulf with temps hot enough to melt led. I guess that means  I shall become a cellar dweller. Our basement has been a life safer when it has gotten stinking hot because it is always a cool sixty eight degrees. Summer, winter, it don't matter, the temp is a constant. As for me yesterday I finished cleaning out and rearranging  the workshop so a little later I'm going to have a go at the new/old trailer before the heat settles in..  

To my American friends here is a story that might be a little interesting to you. It's about a police interaction with a black driver that took place a few days ago and made the news.  This, folks is how a traffic stop should be done. With the number of police I have dealt with while at work and the amount of Cops I know, I would bet that this is a lot more normal than we think. We don't see stories like this often because sadly in the media "if it bleeds, it leads" is a way of life. 

Did you know there has been a diplomatic "war" going on for the better part of a century between Denmark and Canada? It's all over a small God forsaken little rock of an island in the sub arctic between Greenland and Canada. When Canada visits they hoists their flag and leave a bottle of Canadian Club with a note saying "Welcome to Canada." In Denmark's case they raise their flag, leave a note saying "Welcome to Denmark" and a bottle of Schnaps  As for me I think this is a very adult way of waging war and I wish more countries would settle things this way.

Well on that happy note I shall leave you for today. That's it from up here North of Disorder.

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