Friday, 15 July 2016


Last night the unthinkable happened in Nice France, a mass murder took place. As of this morning the ferry man has taken eighty four souls across the river styx. That total also includes up to  a dozen and a half children. Tweeting or posting condolences on Facebook or other social media seems so useless that I'm not even going to bother. The emotions that filled me last night are still there. Last night I felt a combination of rage and sadness. Rage that somebody could wantonly murder people and sadness that comes of thinking about the dead children. 

Last night's action in Nice was an act of war, nothing more, nothing less. The French government's response was predictable, an order has gone out to step up the ISIS bombing and the state of emergency has been extended. Like the game of wack-a-mole the French are using the hammer and smacking the mole that has surfaced once again. The French will keep on hitting the mole and the mole will keep popping up in other places to hit back.  

The fact is we live in a free society and with that freedom comes a price. The more freedom a society has the grater risk and less safety people who live there will have. The safer the people are the less freedom they will have.

Last night I listened to a university prof explaining how the authorities failed to protect the people who were murdered. Yes there were precautions the French authorities could have taken but didn't. They could have banned all truck movement, placed anti truck barriers at all the access points... yes they had options. So why didn't the do something? Simply put this incident was falls into the category of being catastrophic but also being in the low probability range. Yes the authorities could have done things but  to what end? What ever moves the authorities make there is always counter moves. Unless the object is to totally remove all freedom there will always be risk. 

One thing to think about when you read/see/hear the "they should have" or "they could have done" stories. Ask yourself this, how much freedom are you willing to give up to be safe. Are you willing to give up any semblance of privacy?  Turns out the 31-year-old Franco-Tunisian terrorist was not on any watch list so how would he have been discovered? Are you willing to be subject to random roadblocks and searches? Maybe this would have led to the bad guy being caught but your travel time will be increased substantially. Or you can take into account this world is a dangerous place and take precautions to mitigate the risks. 

That's enough from me for now up here North of Disorder.

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