Thursday, 14 July 2016

Out of the nowhere... into the here

Last night something happened to me that was almost akin to a miracle, I slept. I am cursed by being a light sleeper, always have been and probably will be until I shrug off this mortal coil. 

Every night the same routine happens, I trundle off to bed around eleven or so next a few hours later my lovely wife will join me. This usually results in my being woke up. This is not here fault, I am simply a light sleeper. Time will pass, usually a half hour to an hour and I will fall back into the land of slumber. Once I am safely in the arms of Morpheus my cat will usually decide to join me. Mostly our cat will leave my wife alone and I will be the target, especially if I am not on the correct side facing the way our cat thinks I should be. The result of all this action is my night is usually toast. I mostly will doze off again but it simply isn't the same with the result that I roll out after ten, sometimes as late at eleven. Oh well as I was told years ago sympathy can be found in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis.

Today, now that I am actually awake, I'm going to do something I should have done a while ago, pick up some materials for the old/new trailer. On the list are wiring, connectors and depending upon the price lights. Saturday is supposed to be a perfect day so the game plan is to get the project done, finished, complete, finito...  

Earlier, being a news junkie I am, I was getting my daily news fix. Now I shall share with you some of the gems that I have gathered from the vast sum of human knowledge called the Internet. 

First up is a modern tale of Shakespearean origin. In Henry V act IV good King Harry takes a disguise and walks among the troops in the English camp at Agincourt. As it turns out the practice of walking among the peasants is still going on. The other night the Queen after a day at the races dropped into a pub for some dinner and a pint. Oh to have been in that pub when good Queen Liz showed up. 

I wonder if it's just me or what. Given my knowledge of the media industry, I was under the impression (I don't normally do impressions, my training was in security.) that reporters report the news not do things to get reported as news

About the Tenors and the Canadian national anthem, Ms.Christie Blatchford in her column writes about it in a way that is much better than I ever could

They did it, the international court in the Hague has ruled against the Chinese and their claim to a portion of the South China Sea. The good patriotic Chinese have gone a little nuts with their protests by smashing their iPhones and boycotting Filipino mangoes. When I see thing like this I am reminded of a scene in the first star wars movie where C3PO says to R2D2... "Let the wookie win." With the size of China's military this stratagem might not me such a bad thing. 

Here at home looks like the Feds have started the long process of beating ploughshares into swords. I wonder if this is the end of Mr. Trudeau's innocence. 

This is a fish that would have been cool to keep but they had to toss it back. Well at least they have a great fishing tail to spin when they get home and hit the pub.  

Well that's it for me from up here North of Disorder.

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